Miami-based start-up Global RCG recognized as one of the top 25 immigration companies


MIAMI, December 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Global Residency & Citizenship Group (“Global RCG”), a leader in global mobility, has been named one of the top 25 immigration companies in the world by Uglobal. The highly anticipated annual awards honor the best in the industry – top immigration agents, lawyers, developers and firms. Uglobal is the well-known publisher of Uglobal Immigration magazine and the leading platform for anyone participating in Citizenship and Residence by Investment programs around the world.

This honor underlines the successful execution of Global RCG’s ambitious mission, launched just over a year ago: to democratize the right to live, work or retire anywhere in the world. “By removing the frictions that too often hamper the free flow of human capital, we aim to catalyze access to untapped opportunities by talented individuals, often immigrants, who remain trapped behind archaic immigration laws,” he said. declared Rogelio Caceres, Founder and CEO of Global RCG, a technology services company that helps sovereign individuals achieve their professional, quality of life and wealth preservation goals. “In the era of the pandemic, why our right to live where and when we want to be dictated only by the country in which we were born?” continued Cáceres.

Based at Miami, Florida, Global RCG has built a globally diverse platform of “mobility assets” – residency and citizenship solutions ranging from digital and skills-based nomadic visas to descent-based citizenship and other types foreign residence permits. “As a business founded and managed by first generation immigrants, we deeply understand the impact that sovereign rights of residence can have on the trajectory of a lifetime. Maneesha mukhi, Global RCG Marketing Director. She added, “In order for hard-working professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to seize the best opportunities and reach their potential, they must understand the dynamic scope and range of potential residency and citizenship programs available today in order to leverage left with the solution (s) that best suit them. ”

About Global RCG:
Global RCG is a technology-driven consulting company providing consumers and businesses with reliable, fast and cost-effective access to safe, vibrant and attractive destinations in 35 countries around the world. It operates a mobility asset platform powered by real-time information from the field and capable of generating highly individualized, personalized residence solutions to help its clients achieve their professional and lifestyle goals. Founded and led by first-generation immigrants, the company gives entrepreneurs, retirees and successful remote business-friendly professionals unlimited access to 35 countries around the world, including: Germany, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Italy, Great Britain, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Australia, Canada and United States.

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“In the era of the pandemic, why our right to live where and when we want to be dictated only by the country in which we were born?” continued Cáceres.

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Rogelio Caceres, 1-786-477-9935

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