Mexico City, Newest Destination in Mexico, Partners with AirBnB to Attract Digital Nomads

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Proving once again that this is one of Latin America’s top destinations for workcations, Mexico has seen its capital, Mexico City, partner with AirBnB to attract digital nomads. The move follows a remote work scene that is exploding in popularity in the metropolis, and the laudable country opening on the initiative.

Young woman working away from her computer while drinking coffee or tea, Digital Nomad in Mexico City, Mexico

Earlier this week, we also reported that the state of Baja California Sur, home to Los Cabos and La Paz, has entered into a similar partnership with AirBnB in hopes of winning the race for Mexico’s best nomadic hub. Cabo may have been the first to take the plunge, but now he will have to avoid stiff competition to maintain his lead.

Mexico City is the last player to officially enter the pitch, and he didn’t come to play.

Mexico’s number one city wants to become the digital nomad capital of the world

Mexican flag waving in the center of a public square in Mexico City, Mexico

On October 25, AirBnB Mexico announced that the mayor of Mexico City had signed an “agreement” with the rental platform to “encourage more digital nomads” to move there. When settling in Mexico, foreigners normally have their hearts set on the laid-back coastal towns or less crowded destinations that receive a fraction of the impressive number of tourists that Cancun does.

The appeal of an “under-touristy” and off-the-beaten-track Mexico is growing, and towns like Bacalar and Arteaga have been in the news lately. Naturally, it was time for the capital to react, both to reaffirm its status as an unparalleled cultural destination, and as a vibrant, friendly and colorful city where all of Mexico’s contrasting identities can be found.

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Young male tourist looking at historic pre-Columbian pyramids in Mexico, Latin America
  • The pre-Columbian heritage nearby Teotihuacan ruins, including the iconic Pyramid of the Sun
  • Monumental monuments from the colonial era, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral and the old portal of Mercaderes
  • modern neighborhoods dotted with skyscrapers and teeming with bars, nightclubs and open-air restaurants

Mexico’s first city is truly the perfect fusion of the many facets of the nation, and a place where nomads can soak up the rich heritage while doing their homework: when it comes to the latter, there’s no shortage of cafes and other coworking offices. Finally, Mexico City’s potential as a digital nomad retreat is officially recognized.

What makes Mexico City such an amazing nomadic destination?

Group of students working on a laptop outdoors in Mexico City, Mexico

Much like its competing Pacific campaign, AirBnB has developed a new website dedicated exclusively to digital nomads in Mexico City – one of the measures that are expected to be adopted to boost promotion of the destination in the coming months. By crowning it ‘Capital of Creative Tourism’, the company highlights the following aspects:

  • The tourist offerdescribing it as a “volcano of constant creative disturbance”
  • The world class cuisinea force noticed by all the gourmets who have already visited Mexico City
  • The natureimposing itself through numerous green spaces and parks dotting the concrete jungle
  • The Storypresent all around and in the very air that visitors breathe – “Entire cultures were born in this place, including the Mexicas, Tlatelolcas, Xochimilcas, among others”
View of Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City at sunset, Mexico

The city expects the AirBnB partnership to fulfill its ambition to become a global capital of remote working, and the city government is going so far as to lead UNESCO-assisted training with local entrepreneurs to develop “authentic experiences ” that represent The diverse character and centuries-old traditions of Mexico City.

Are the locals happy?

Water display in the modern Circa district of Mexio City, Mexico

Previously, there had been the rapid internationalization of Mexico amid the nomadic boom which led to price hikes. After all, when the biggest spenders start moving en masse in city centers and other development areas, the cost of living tends to adapt to new standards, and this includes the cost of rent.

We have witnessed this same phenomenon in Europe, where up to 23 destinations have urged the European Commission, the EU’s legislative body, to limit tourist rentals. Residents are worried gentrificationand rightly so, especially after the once sleepy town of Tulum quickly turned into an American “colony” due to overdevelopment.

Traveler taking a panoramic photo of what looks like Mexico City in Mexico

They even staged protests as early as June, expressing their disapproval of the trend, but as Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said at a press conference, “the impact on local tenants should be minimal”:”Most digital nomads choose to stay in expensive neighborhoods, where rent is already higher than other parts of the capital‘, she argued, defending the project.

According to a statement from AirBnB, Mexico is the perfect remote work hub due to its easy entry requirements – Americans get 180 days of continuous visa-free residency – a slew of extended-stay rentals and the long list of “locals-driven and sold” experiences that help long-term visitors immerse themselves deeper in the culture and to ‘understand the city better’.

You can find more information about digital nomadism at MEX here.

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