Metrospaces Inc. (OTCMKTS: MSPC) Partners with Shokworks to Create Infinity View Villas

Metrospaces Inc. (OTCMKTS: MSPC) jumped 15.79% after Shokworks-powered company PropTech revealed plans to build Infinity View Villas that will be integrated with MetroHouse, its cohabitation platform. The company will develop a 4,000 square foot home and nine upscale villas in the Dominican Republic.

Metro spaces creating MetroHouse in partnership

The company creates MetroHouse in conjunction with Dallas-based Shokworks. It will start with cohabitation rooms in Philadelphia before expanding to the United States and other major cities around the world, including the magnificent Dominican Republic mountain retreat.

Shokworks CEO Alejandro Laplna said they are eager to add the villas to the MetroHouse platform for key members of the company to enjoy. In addition, Metrospaces’ investments in the prestigious real estate sector have created a distinct framework for growth and financing. The plan is to add approximately 15 to 20 rooms to the MetroHouse platform by the September 15 launch date and up to 100 to 120 rooms by the end of the year.

Metrospaces CEO Osca Brito said: “Infinity View Villas is a very exciting project because, as developers, we can use the proceeds from the sale of part of the villas to finance construction, while maintaining the villa management for our platform. This will keep our cash investment low, while retaining the most profitable and long-term portion of the project’s income. It’s also exciting as we build real estate inventory to integrate into the burgeoning real estate tokenization platform, Metrocrowd, which we are developing with Shokworks and plan to launch later this year.

MetroHouse expands to major cities

The co-living strategy will focus on digital nomadic destinations and secondary cities, and the Dominican Republic is one of the premium destinations for digital workers. Laplana said: “The Metrocrowd platform that we are building with Metrospaces will offer future token buyers an opportunity for outrageous returns with small investments, as opposed to buying an entire villa.”

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