Meet Rax Suen, Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador for November

October 31, 2021 – Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador number 5 has arrived, as Singaporean Rax Suen settles in the Croatian capital.

It’s a measure of how a little different this new breed of remote workers is from my generation when November Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador Rax Suen explained one of the reasons he applied for the post.

“It was on the way home,” Rax said during last night’s meeting at Canopy by Hilton.

“Home” being Singapore and its starting point being Buenos Aires. It’s all about the point of view, I guess …

Rax is the fifth Ambassador of the 6-month program and the first from Asia. So far, ambassadors have come from the United States (with a partner from Zimbabwe), Israel and two from South Africa. The project, an extension of the award-winning Zagreb Digital Nomads Week, is a collaboration between Zagreb Tourism Board, Saltwater Nomads, Doma Zagreb Aparthotel and Total Croatia News.

Rax arrived from Split last night and was immediately put to work, showing up at this month’s Ambassador Andrae Smith of South Africa’s farewell event in a travel pitch and a dating event at Canopy.

Among other things, Rax runs Nomads Unveiled, which he describes as follows:

It is a resource platform where I share and collate travel and remote work / business advice in the pursuit of geographic, financial and emotional freedom. For over a decade, I have traveled to over 50 countries – from a budget backpacker to a business traveler, an expat to a digital nomad. You can find insights and perspectives from myself and other world travelers that will hopefully help inspire your journey of discovery.

“The world is bigger than one can imagine, the world is bigger than its geographical aspects alone.” -Rax

You can see Rax’s application video for the program above, as well as an arrival interview for TCN last night during the Zagreb meet.

If you want to connect with Rax while he’s in Zagreb, or follow him on social media, you can do so here.

For more information and perspectives on digital nomads in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN section.

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