Meet Pranav Das: this Indian travel blogger wins in life


Leaving his lucrative job at a multinational corporation, establishing himself as a renowned travel blogger and starting his own digital marketing agency, Pranav Das chose to decide his own path and fulfill his dreams rather than become a corporate slave. . He took the undefeated path that most of us would hesitate. The trip was not easy but it was worth it.

Past Life – What was it like before the travel bug hit?

Pranav Das is a small town boy, born and raised in Cuttack, Odisha, by traditional Indian parents. He completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science. Soon after graduating, he got a well-paying job at a well-known multinational company in Kolkata.

Like any other ordinary man, he took the job and burned it out for 3 years before realizing it was not the kind of lifestyle he wanted and started exploring other options. He pursued the MBA but quickly dropped it because he found his passion – Traveling!

At this point, any typical Indian parent would find it scandalous to find their 25-year-old, the future breadwinner of the family, take a major step like this. Luckily, Pranav got the background support and nothing stopped it.

On the road to becoming a global trotter – Beginning of the nomadic journey

Traveling has always been a part of Pranav’s life. He has traveled solo a lot and explored all the invisible and unexplored regions of the country. And he wanted to share his incredible journey and all the beautiful things he has witnessed while traveling, with the world. This is how he launched his very first personal project, a travel blog – Nomad trip.

Nomad Travel started in 2015, is now one of the best travel blogs which has inspired many Indian travel enthusiasts to pursue sustainable slow trips and much more.

In this blog, he not only writes about his best travel reports, but also shares his ideas on how to travel on a budget, the world’s most exciting vacation destinations, solo travel tips, stories from inspiring journeys, etc.

It has been featured in numerous media including Fox News, Urban Asian, The Telegragh and many others. He has also been invited as a keynote speaker at a few international conferences and webinars.

Not just India, until now it covered most of Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Being a soul hungry for travel, he believes that there is much more to see and that one life is not enough. He will continue his journey to help other aspiring and part-time travelers find the best travel solutions and make their trips stress-free and memorable.

What makes him so appealing is that he never fails to add a personal touch to every blog he writes, no matter how generic the topic may be. Personal opinions are always the most inspiring and there is a lot to learn from this experience.

If you have ever dreamed of traveling abroad but it seems overkill due to financial constraints and workload, you need to consult Nomad Travel to find solutions and make this dream come true. Just like Pranav did.

From travel blog to digital marketing: a digital nomad in the real sense

But it hasn’t been easy to stand out in a competitive world where many blogs and travel websites in the same niche have sprung up. It took more than quality content to improve the blog’s digital presence. With rigorous networking skills and digital marketing efforts, he could stem the problems.

Pranav Das owes much of its success to social media efforts to show off more than its blogs could. The stunning locations, the cultural diversity, the beauty of nature, it’s all pretty obvious from his Instagram handle @voyagenomad.

Pranav is also an animal lover. He plans to work on wildlife conservation and protection. You’ll find him raising the issues on Facebook and Twitter.

Over time, he gained enough expertise to start his own digital marketing agency and help other bloggers, small business owners, travel writers without compromising his trips.

So, while you’re reading this, he might be sitting in an exotic location, sipping his tea and working remotely on his laptop.

A digital nomadic lifestyle requires taking a lot of bold steps and trusting yourself. Pranav Das manages it successfully and is on the way to becoming the best Indian travel blogger.

Posted on May 17, 2021


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