Research on expatriates revealed that geographical position, quality of life, as well as ease of settlement for foreigners are the most salient attributes.

Do you know why Mexico City is the number one place in the whole country chosen by foreigners? To a large extent, it is because it is the capital (with what that implies: being an urban center with greater cultural, economic and social activity, coupled with the cultural mosaic of popular traditions that make up the unique city .

However, for many foreigners, our city represents the conjugation of all the Mexican stories told, the explicit summary of what a country as complex and rich as ours can offer. After all, it is a geographically small and metaphysically huge threshold, which is considered among the 10 smart cities in Latin America and which has a vast history and a living present.

One of the most interesting phenomena that has occurred as a result of the covid-19 pandemic in various countries around the world has been the increase in a very particular migratory flowthat of people who, having sufficient means to live in another country and without urgent need to do so, have undertaken their move.

In some cases, these are young workers able to perform their work remotely ( “digital nomads”some call them), in others they are old people, retirees and snowbirds, who seek better living conditions in other borders. In both cases, it is more or less frequent that they are people from developed countries, who find in developing countries a cheaper way of life, with a greater margin of “freedom” (social, tax or other) and even with better conditions in other aspects of a rather qualitative nature, such as coexistence or sociability.

In this context, the organization InterNations carried out a study in which he examined nearly twelve thousand people residing in a country other than their origindistributed in 181 countries of the world and of 177 different nationalities with the aim of knowing, from their experience, the best and the worst places to move for a moment and change the air of life.

According to this research, the top ten countries to be an expat are:

1. Mexico
2. Indonesia
3. Taiwan
5. Spain
6. United Arab Emirates
7. Vietnam
8. Thailand
9. Australia
10. Singapore

As for those who offer the worst experience to this type of migrant, the last ten of this table are :

52. Kuwait
51. New Zealand
50. Hong Kong
49. Cyprus
47. Japan
46. ​​South Africa
45. Turkey
44. Italy
43. Malta

It is to highlight that the final ranking was reduced to fifty-two countries for statistical reasonssince those for which there was not a sufficient sample of respondents to provide reliable data were eliminated.

The classification took into account indicators related to quality of life, entertainment options available, transit and travel conditions in the country, health and well-being conditions, quality of security and other aspects related to the ease of installation, the hospitality of the country and the ease or difficulty of working.

See the full study at this link .

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