Japan ready to lift COVID-19 entry ban for 106 nations; but tourists still can’t enter, Japan

In a recent development, the Japanese government has announced plans to lift COVID 19 border restrictions for 106 countries by removing its entry ban. It includes countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and France. The Japanese government closed its borders to most foreign nationals from the start of the pandemic in 2020.

Although Tokyo has eased a number of COVID-19 related restrictions and is also easing border restrictions, this does not mean a full reopening to tourists. An update issued Wednesday by the Japanese Foreign Ministry mentioned that foreigners from the 106 countries would not be subject to a refusal of permission to enter Japan from Friday.

However, those wishing to enter the country for tourism purposes will have to wait a bit longer as the country still does not allow them to enter.

Meanwhile, a number of developed countries have already eased border restrictions and are entertaining tourists. But Japan is still not ready for full opening. In another update, the Japanese government said it would not allow entry to 56 countries.

The government also informed that the daily quota for foreign travelers to Japan is 10,000 this month, down from 7,000. According to officials, the latest revision is entirely based on the fact that the Foreign Ministry lowered the level alert from these 106 countries on 1 April. But with the ministry’s decision to limit the number of visa issuances at overseas embassies, Japan will continue to restrict who all can enter the nation.

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    Japan consists of more than 6,800 islands.
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