Italy Digital Nomad Visa: What You Need to Know

The Italian government may be introducing the solution to your wanderlust while allowing you to keep your current job. The Digital Nomad Visa is a visa that was passed on March 28 and will allow non-residents to work remotely in the country for an entire year.

The law aims to encourage remote workers who do not reside in the European Union to spend a year living (and spending) in Italy. However, the law will not facilitate the arrival of certain teleworkers to live the Italian dream. According to The Local, the visa is for “highly skilled” teleworkers.

What precisely “highly qualified” means has not yet been clearly defined by the Italian government. Italian media said it could mean anything from “university professors to circus performers”. It has been suggested by Italian officials that there will be a minimum income requirement for successful candidates.

At this time the Italian government has not set out a clear path on how this digital nomad visa will work beyond that it will facilitate the granting of one year work visas to non-member citizens of the European Union within the country. Details such as whether the visa can be extended for more than a year, will extend to applicants’ family members and what the requirements are to qualify for the visa have yet to be shared.

“We are happy to have approved the proposal but we are also aware of the next steps. The government must work on a new draft law to implement the law, defining all the procedures and details,” said the Italian MP. Luca Carabetta at The Local. “Requirements for the remote worker are the availability of suitable housing, adequate income, health insurance and a clean criminal record.”

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