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The Invisible Collection

Who said you have to travel to buy a souvenir? A secret to filling our homes with chic and unique finds is to source from boutiques, brands and artisans around the world. But there’s no need to book a flight – in today’s ecommerce world, many distant favorites can be shipped right to your door. We asked our skilled editors for their favorite international brands … and the list is sure to build your list of dream places.

And while not all of these are available for next day shipment, patience is a skill we’ve honed to find the best gems around the world. Admittedly, the wait is a bit long, but the beautiful finds are always worth counting the days. Plus, a little wait is worth it to bridge the gap between skilled artisans, impactful brands and cultures. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a novice nomad, or looking for things that no one in your group of friends will have, it’s time to elevate your style with something new! Here are our favorite stores that prove distance makes the heart more loving.

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Founded in Turkey, this glassware company takes your bar cart to the highest level. The brand creates beautiful glasses that look delicate, yet resistant thanks to ionic protection technology.

Tulip Ghost Zero red wine glass, $ 124 BUY NOW



Customize the unique LED illuminated signs to bring a splash of color to your space that will light up the room in a fun way. Based in the UK, Yellowpop collaborates with your favorite artists and designers like Jonathan Adler and André Saraiva to create iconic pieces that will fill your home with joy.

Girl Winking by Emily Eldridge, $ 890 BUY NOW


The Nopo

Here is where you can find gemstones from Mexico and Morocco! The brand focuses on heritage preservation, high quality fair trade items and bringing the artisan to the consumer closer.

Nachig Estela embroidered cotton blanket, $ 269BUY NOW



According to our digital director, Hadley Keller, “If I could, I would line my whole house with Ardmore fabric and fill the shelves with their ceramics.” Conceptualized in Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa, the brand has launched the work of more than 70 African artists onto the world stage.

Mist of the cheetah kings, $ 50 BUY NOW


Simon james

Driven by simplicity and minimalism, the craftsmanship of this New Zealand-based brand is worth the wait. The designs are current while pushing the boundaries of what will be the future of interior design. Shop for iconic pieces, from furniture and lighting to housewares and accessories.

Hashira table lamp by Norm Architects, $ 1028 BUY NOW



For lovers of prints, colors and travel, Wicklewood products follow the journey of two founders who offer fun versions of British country style. From traditional block print-filled tabletop landscapes to reimagined twists on Blithefield, there is a clear respect and celebration of artisans around the world. Their store is sure to bring a smile to your guests at your next dinner party.

Dots and stripes Indigo Ceramic, $ 61 BUY NOW


The moon pot

The Moon Jar preserves breathtakingly handcrafted stoneware wonders from Korea, ranging from vintage to contemporary. The brand was founded by Korean-German couple Hwon Kang and Philipp Schulze, the online store is full of unique ceramics handcrafted by Korean ceramists. The brand was inspired by Joseon (Korea’s oldest known earthenware) – a porcelain moon pot reflecting a full moon.

Box embroidered with hacocco flowers, $ 85 BUY NOW


Paravicini Laboratory

You will not be able to withhold your oh and ah when you feast your eyes on these dreamy hand printed plates shipped from Milan, Italy. Hidden in a courtyard in the historic center of Milan, this laboratory this is where the table magic is made.

Jungle elephant, $ 75 BUY NOW


Dar Leone

Designer Isatu Funna draws inspiration from her native Sierra Leone to create lavish decorations and furnishings for the home. West African designs are found in a wide range of cushions, table tops, Yoruba throne chairs, and more. Although the store is tucked away in the UK, it offers an authentic global perspective.

Ronko Hibiscus Seafoam round tray, $ 34 BUY NOW



fomu captures the art of living with ease by creating simple yet beautiful furniture. The Melbourne-based studio cleverly blurs the line between art and design, bringing functional masterpieces to your doorstep.

L’art lounge chair, $ 2,194 BUY NOW


Eva sonaike

With textiles bringing the beauty of African luxury, this London-based company creates lovely home textiles and upholstery fabrics with a distinctive and vibrant West African aesthetic. The company’s philosophy of “Bringing Color to Life” shines through its vibrant line of cushions, fabrics, rugs and furniture.

WEWE Blue Cushion, $ 102 BUY NOW



Discover luxurious Egyptian linens at your fingertips with Malaika. Their products are filled with intricate hand drawn yarns and high quality fabrics. Their mission also focuses on teaching hand embroidery to local women, giving them skills and economic standing.

Bee bedding, $ 330 BUY NOW


Svenskt Tenn

Home to legendary fabrics from Josef Frank and tons of wonderful finds, this Swedish brand is a must-have for design lovers. You can mark high quality, durable treasures for every corner of your home.

Dagg Vase, $ 520, SHOP NOW



Calling all expert artists! This India-based interior design brand is moved by the belief that travel is usually as dignified as destinations. Get ready to treat your favorite hostess (or yourself) with bar cart treats, meals and more that prove you have a good eye and hospitality skills.

Niwa Kulhars, $ 30 BUY NOW

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