Inside the $37 billion smart city being built near Bangkok

A panel chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on July 11 approved a plan to build a $37 billion smart city near Bangkok, according to Bloomberg.

The smart city is expected to emerge in an industrial hub in Huai Yai sub-district in Chonburi province, located about 160 km southeast of Bangkok.

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Here’s everything we know about the smart city project near Bangkok

Why is it built?

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Quoting Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan, Secretary General of the Eastern Economic Corridor, Bloomberg says the new project is designed to “compensate for revenue lost by Thailand during the pandemic”.

“The new city will be livable for the new generation of people and will function as business hubs,” Dr Sangsubhan said.

Designed to accommodate 350,000 people

The city, which has no name yet, will cover an area of ​​more than 23.4 km². The total cost of $37 billion needed to build the city will be spread over the next 10 years.

Dr Sangsubhan said the city will accommodate 350,000 people by 2032 in its residential areas. It will also generate 200,000 direct jobs.

There will be five business centers, which will include a financial center, precision medicine areas and research and development areas. It will also have areas for industries like 5G technology and clean energy. A hub for the regional headquarters of companies that open their business in the centers will also be set up.

According to the report, the project has already started receiving funding worth billions of dollars from companies from all walks of life, including robotics companies, logistics companies, healthcare services and international giants. of the automobile.

Rising graph of Bangkok as a city

Bangkok tourist
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Bangkok has been on a roll in recent weeks on the world stage with several notable achievements making the city a top destination for travelers.

In June, the Thai capital was voted the best city in Southeast Asia by Travel + Leisure as part of its first-ever Asia’s Best Awards. In the same month, the city was named the second best in the world for digital nomads by The Instant Group, a UK-based flexible working solutions provider.

It is therefore not surprising that the government has embarked on a major development plan for Bangkok and its neighboring regions.

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