Initiatives converge as Zagreb’s digital nomad community grows stronger

Two Israelis and a Dutchman play their part in the development of the history of the Croatian digital nomad

September 17, 2021 – An inspiring evening with current Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador Nimrod Dean Kuchel as various initiatives converge to strengthen the Zagreb Digital Nomad community.

It’s a term that was almost completely unknown in Croatia about 18 months ago. But the pace of progress of the concept of the digital nomad taking root is unusually fast for a country famous for its relaxed and laid-back lifestyle.

Having been following and writing about the industry for over two years now, it is interesting to follow the different perspectives of the people involved on their way of looking at things, while also observing how various initiatives converge to build a community.


(credits Zoltan Nagy / Saltwater Nomads)

One of the most interesting observations of the past few weeks – for me at least – was this comment from one of Dubrovnik’s recent digital nomads, currently living in Hvar. “Digitalni Nomadi” is now a term that ordinary people all over Dalmatia now understand.

There have been various initiatives lately to push the digital nomadic scene in Croatia, some working in tandem, others independently. Last night, several converged on what was an important night for Zagreb’s growing digital nomad community.

A social evening, hosted by DN’s largest social media group, Digital Nomads Croatia, hosted its monthly gathering in the center of town at Bustan Bar. The bar is part of a converted hostel complex, which also houses the first 24/7 coworking space, Myspace.

The special guest was Dean Kuchel, Zagreb Digital Nomad September Ambassador, Nimrod Dean Kuchel, who is part of the Zagreb Digital Nomad Week project of Saltwater Nomads, Zagreb Tourist Board and TCN.

And among the spectators was Dutch entrepreneur Jan de Jong, whose initiative to introduce a Croatian digital nomad visa has drawn worldwide attention to Croatia as a DN hotspot.

Kuchel was a very entertaining and enthusiastic speaker at the Zagreb Digital Nomad Week (you can see his presentation above), with a focus on building community. One of his mantras is that he travels alone, but never alone. On a mission to visit all the countries of the world (and currently on 101), the presence of a community on standby is a great attraction for him to visit a destination. Asked about his impressions of Zagreb in the short interview below, he replied that Zagreb ticks all the DN boxes and the only thing nomads in Zagreb lack are more digital nomads.

Since then he has been very active in promoting Zagreb. First, through the DN community of 24,000 people he leads, and more recently by applying to become a Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador. When we met for a welcome drink shortly after arriving earlier this month, he said his goal was to work on community development while he was there.

Last night’s event, the centerpiece of which was Kuchel’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on his DN lifestyle, was both popular and lively. New friendships and networks developed, ideas exchanged and various players in the digital nomad sector met for the first time.


There is a growing momentum with the story of Zagreb’s digital nomad, which seems to surprise visiting nomads with the quality of the way of life, WiFi and spoken English, among many other bright spots. The growth of a cohesive community and the support of international ambassadors such as Kuchel can only accelerate this process.

An Israeli bar / cowork owner, an Israeli DN ambassador and a Dutch entrepreneur – all have invested in the development of Zagreb and Croatia in this exciting new direction, in partnership with excellent local partners. It’s encouraging to see.


Kuchel posted his feelings about his experience in Zagreb on social media this week:

Two weeks after the start of my visit to Zagreb, I understand why Jan de Jong made his home in Croatia.

I was invited to #zagreb by the tourist office to discover the city as a digital nomad and professional from a distance.

What I found was a capital, and a country, taking steps to accommodate digital nomads.

Great connectivity and speeds everywhere, plenty of coworking spaces and a one-of-a-kind Digital Nomad visa, so you know no one is kicking you out after 90 days. Happiness!

Nice people, a party culture, perfect weather and a great cost of living / quality of life ratio – are also included.

Say yes! Go explore Zagreb. I am there too and I love it. Pro tip: bring your mom, she’ll thank you.

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For more news and articles on digital nomads in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN section.

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