Incubator Trokut Šibenik reflects on a successful summer with digital nomads

September 17, 2021 – Incubator Trokut Å ibenik looks back on the success of its new digital nomads office and won the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2021.

The Trokut Digital Nomads office officially opened in May 2021, following the announcement of digital nomad visas to Croatia from January 1, 2021, allowing temporary stay in Croatia for up to one year. Digital nomads can also apply for a second subsequent digital nomad visa, but only 6 months after the expiration of the first visa.

“We are following the unfolding story at Trokut with joy and optimism. We are happy that Trokut is already recognized as a place that brings together young entrepreneurs from Croatia and the world. The new generation entrepreneurs who lead us to the future may find their opportunity here. We believe that all digital nomads who visit Å ibenik once will fall in love with this city and all the benefits it offers, ”Šibenik Mayor Željko Burić said in May.

Digital nomads do not have fixed work schedules or jobs as they work as needed based on what is currently on their plate. Some nomads work more than 12 hours a day, but their place of work changes often. Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic has increased the number of remote workers, making the term ‘digital nomads’ more popular than ever.

“Starting from the reflection on digital nomads who most often like to work in coworking spaces, we developed the concept of the Trokut Center, which is adapted to them because they occupy a large part of this space. We predicted well, as evidenced by the need for new office space in the first year of operation. I think the occupation of digital nomads in Trokut will be more than satisfactory, ”added Petar Mišura.

And this summer confirmed it.

Namely, this summer Trokut was visited by more than 40 digital nomads, mostly foreigners, while their average stay in Trokut and Å ibenik was 18 days. While some were passing through, others chose Å ibenik as a destination for a longer vacation. Digital nomads highlighted the beauties of Å ibenik-Knin County, beaches, fortresses and Krka National Park, in combination with Trokut, as a perfect combination for business.

STEM camps for children have also been completed. Trokut said they were very proud of “their Trokutići” because, under the watchful eye of Professor Ivan, they programmed everything themselves, designed it in 3D and held a robotics competition. They also want to thank the U.S. Embassy Zagreb for providing them with the necessary equipment to run these workshops and go over all the important elements of STEM. Ivan Šoda confirms and adds:

“The kids mastered a diverse curriculum, and I’m sure this camp piqued their interest in computing.”

Another good news from a successful season is that Trokut won first place in the “Investment in entrepreneurial skills” category at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2021. The prize was won for holding the 2021 incubator, the first of its kind in the Å ibenik-Knin County region. , whose target group consisted of small and medium-sized enterprises focused on success and competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.


“Winning this award is a confirmation of our work and a confirmation of the long-term strategy of the city of Šibenik. We are happy to see that entrepreneurs have mainly accepted us and really have become a recognized center for entrepreneurship, innovation and education. This award is an additional motivation to continue our work and to contribute as much as possible to the entrepreneurial community ”, concluded the director Diana Mudrinić.

You can read more about Trokut HERE.

To learn more about digital nomads in Croatia, follow TCN’s dedicated page.

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