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The Thailand Elite program, offers a simple and effective solution to the more traditional permits otherwise required to reside in Thailand for the long term. It was specifically set up to cater to foreigners looking for an efficient and transparent application process.

Thai immigration laws are complex and subject to constant change. Before Thailand Elite programs were introduced, only the bravest would persevere in wandering through complex and opaque immigration rules, sometimes for months, before they could identify the right way to settle in Thailand or renew their initial hard-earned permit.

Thailand Elite now offers foreigners a quick and clear path. Those who join the program are not simple immigrants. Instead, they are valued “members” and as such are given a number of perks to remind them of the privilege of joining such an elite community. Some of the benefits available to members include VIP and priority airport services, medical benefits, 24/7 call center in multiple languages, personal concierge services, special discounts for spas luxury, golf courses, shopping malls and activities, etc.

Join the Thailand Elite community comes at a cost, but affordable compared to other options. To apply, applicants can simply contact a authorized agent help.

It has never been easier to travel and stay in Thailand. Thailand Elite membership is available for 5 years, 10 years or 20 years. Submission can be done online (whether the applicant is at that time in Thailand or overseas) and only requires simple documentation. Thailand Elite members do not have to leave Thailand or renew their visas at regular intervals, which is a substantial advantage over other types of visas.

Due to the flexibility and the various choices of Thailand Elite Packages available, this program attracts a wide range of members including expats, investors, digital nomads, businessmen, retirees, frequent visitors and families.

Digital nomads and frequent travelers enjoy moving around freely with 5-year-olds Elite Easy Access scheme. Perhaps due to its success, the membership fee now stands at 600,000 THB (previously 500,000 THB). If a
Elite Easy Access applicant wishes to extend his stay in Thailand, he can simply to improve to a 20-year membership by paying an additional THB 400,000.

The Elite Easy Access might also be suitable for businessmen, but in our experience this category of candidates often find that the Ultimate Elite Privilege offers more of the benefits they are looking for. This is a 20 year membership at just over THB 2 million, which provides the member with luxurious benefits such as limousine service to / from the airport, SPA, golf, etc. In addition, the member can include family members (spouse and minor children) by contacting the Elite Family Premium (for an additional cost of approximately THB 1 million) in addition to the Ultimate Elite Privilege.

Retirees often compare the Thailand Elite to a retirement visa, but the Thailand Elite is preferred for its convenience and flexibility. It does not require medical insurance or freezing money in a Thai bank account. Elite Maxima Health 5-year-old kills two birds with one stone because it combines health insurance with a Thailand Elite visa for a total cost of 1,500,000 THB.

Some young retirees are considered too young to obtain a retirement visa, which is not available to people under the age of 50. Hence the Thailand Elite is then a real alternative of 20 years. In recent years we have seen the Elite Superiority Extension gain popularity thanks to its affordable price of around THB 1 million.

Finally, investors looking to combine a long term visa with a real estate investment can combine their property purchase with an Elite Flexible One. This is a 5 year
Thailand Elite visa, which is granted in conjunction with a real estate purchase in approved projects located in Bangkok, Hua Hin or Phuket. This is interesting because the purchase price already includes the price of the Thailand Elite Visa.

There are other options in between. For example:

In short, there is a Thailand Elite program that meets the needs of most individuals and families. a authorized agent will be able to help clients identify the best program available for applicants to achieve their goal affordably. Thai Elite Express, powered by Harvey Law Group, has been an authorized agent of the Thai Elite program since 2013.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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