How to visit Europe’s most expensive destination on a budget


There is both good and bad news about visiting the Amalfi Coast: it is absolutely as beautiful as the photos you have seen, and it is also just as expensive. In recent years, the cost of visiting Italy’s most beautiful coastline has actually skyrocketed to the point that a tight budget no longer seems an option. Where is it? This is the big question.

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A good rule of thumb when visiting the Amalfi Coast, or any part of the world known for its cost, is to save a lot but plan for a little. By this we mean making sure that there is enough money saved for a trip that normally costs that much, just in case. With a little planning, that means using as many budget hacks as possible to save money – with those extra savings just in case for stuffing. Here are some tips to save you money on your future Amalfi Coast vacation (but are probably applicable to more expensive destinations!).

Always check CDC guidelines + travel restrictions for any international travel before committing. A country may be open but may require additional testing or proof of a vaccine prior to arrival.

Avoid booking a hotel in Positano, and if you do, opt for a rental

If there is any truth to Positano and the price you pay to see it, it’s that it costs an arm and a leg, then a little, and probably even more, to stay in town. If this is something you’ve saved money for, you’re in luck – then again, you probably wouldn’t be reading this if it was.

the view from a villa on the almafi coast


Rather than staying in Positano, the only thing social media hides is the fact that there are several alternatives, equally beautiful small towns along the Amalfi Coast that are affordable. Ravello and Minori are both great places to set up a home base, as both offer buses to Positano, according to Not a nomadic blog.

the ocean view from ravello, italy


Ravello is a bit set back from the water, but its perch on the hillside still allows for incredible sea views, and is also just under an hour by bus from Positano.

the seaside town of minori, italy


Minori is directly on the coast and is about 20 minutes east, but the great thing about staying here is that guests will have their own beaches (equally beautiful) in the city to visit if they don’t want to spend every day in Positano.

Book at least six months in advance to avoid tons of stress

If it’s not six months, you’ll want to get as close to that timeline as possible. The Amalfi Coast fills up quickly and the photos don’t disappoint – Positano isn’t the largest city, so there are only a limited number of bookings.

the beach on the amalfi coast at night


That being said, it’s important to sort out your accommodation first and foremost before planning anything. Better to have your choice of rentals or hotels than being forced to go for an expensive option that already tips the budget, as well as plane tickets (which can’t do much – flying is expensive. ).

Use public transportation or, when you can, just walk

Obviously, walking is not an option if you are staying outside of Positano. However, if you are marking a stay in one of the villas or guesthouses just outside the main town of Positano, walking might be an option if a 15-20 minute stroll along the road takes you fits.

stores in positano, italy

MNStudio /

These accommodations will probably still be expensive but may not be. as pricey like those with a social media-worthy sea view and instant beach access. Walking will be your best friend and if that is not an option, familiarize yourself with the local bus timetables – which will also take you to other towns around Positano, so this is useful.

Sounds counterintuitive, but avoid restaurants that are front and center

Counter-intuitive and expected, more precisely. It is really no different from visiting any restaurant that has a grand view; customers will pay more for the view than for the food most of the time. A good compromise is to save money for one or two good meals at a good restaurant, and before choosing one, read the reviews to make sure that your money is going to be a good experience.

a market on the Amalfi Coast


So how do you avoid eating out the rest of the time? If you’ve opted for a rental, make sure it has a kitchen and spend your time browsing the local markets – it’s a fantastic way to try local cuisine, cook food you know is delicious, and save tons of money by constantly eating out. For breakfast, opt for cafes and bakeries with pastry or panini.

Visit during shoulder season and schedule as many free things as possible

It can be disappointing to avoid the Amalfi Coast during the peak summer months, but it’s for the best in terms of keeping a budget. It’s called shoulder season and includes all dates through the end of April, skip May, June, July and August and start again in early September. It will be the low season but still warm enough, in all likelihood, to enjoy the beach and all the outdoor activities (free).

a street with markets in Sorrento, Italy

littlenySTOCK /

Speaking of which, plan for as many things as possible – including nature walks, beach exploration, city exploration, and hikes. They will give you a great vantage point to see this amazing destination and also save your budget for the things you really want to spend money on!

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