How to unlock each exocraft in No Man’s Sky

Exocrafts are vehicles that travelers can deploy to the planets of No Man’s Sky to help navigate the environment. Here’s how to unlock and craft each of them.

There are countless galaxies that travelers can explore in No Man’s Sky, and in these galaxies are many other unique planets. Filled with precious minerals and resources, players will spend a lot of time roaming the planets to craft more gear and advance the story of the game. However, venturing long distances on foot can be time consuming. This is where Exocrafts come in.

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Exocrafts are vehicles travelers can deploy to planets to travel further on their adventures and one of the many new features the developers have added since the game’s initial launch. There are 6 in total, each with its own usefulness, perks, and upgrades to aid the player’s intergalactic efforts. This guide will teach players how to unlock each Exocraft and the materials needed to create them.

Unlock Exocrafts and their Geobays

No Man's Sky Colossus

In order to summon an exocraft, their respective geobay must be built, which serves as a landing pad for each vehicle. To unlock them, head to the Space Anomaly Construction Resource Terminal and switch to the Transport Mod option, where all exocrafts are displayed. Each type of geobay is purchased using salvage data obtained by discovering technology buried on various planets. The Roamer is the first exocraft available, and once obtained, the other 5 will become purchasable. After placing the geo-bay on a planet, travelers can then summon their exocraft to roam the intergalactic landscapes in search of resources. Each exocraft requires different crafting materials to craft, so here is a list of the resources players need to collect and the perks of having each vehicle.


  • As the first unlocked exocraft, this versatile vehicle can travel through a variety of different landscapes. Its geobay is made using 2 ion batteries, 5 metal veneers and 50 paraffinium.


  • As the largest exocraft, the Colossus has the highest inventory space and is a traveler’s best friend on long mining excursions. To make your geobay, get 4 ionic batteries. 5 metal plating and 100 paraffinium.


  • One of the lightest vehicles, the Nomad’s hoverpads allow players to quickly zoom in on bodies of water but have lower inventory space. The Nomad geobay needs 2 ion batteries, 5 metal plating and 50 paraffinium.


  • Resembling a motorcycle, this fast exocraft is ideal for reaching destinations as quickly as possible. His geo-bay needs 4 ion batteries, 5 metal plating and 100 paraffinium.


  • Minotaur Exocrafts are not only great for mining resources, but they also have durable armor that will protect their pilot from harsh environments and the sentries that roam them. To craft a geobay, collect 4 ion batteries, 5 metal plating and paraffinium.


  • This exocraft is unique in that it is best suited for marine exploration, so travelers looking to harvest resources from the seabed will gain plenty of miles from it. His Geobay needs 4 Crystal Sulfides, 5 Metal Plates and 100 Salts.

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No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S platforms.

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