How to live and work abroad: what does it take to be a digital nomad?


For people who feel like traveling and working on the road, what advice do you have? Where to start ?
If you have the urge to travel and a secure job, but you’re not ready to go abroad, you can test the waters being a tourist in your own country. Cut back on your lifestyle and make yourself comfortable outside your comfort zone. Short term rentals are great for this. Reserve a spot for a month and plan what you want to do during your stay. So go for it!

If you are seriously considering moving overseas, be prepared to do a lot of research, downsize, and donate. Packing and moving is something you perfect as a digital nomad; most countries only offer a 30-day tourist visa. I do not know how [visas] will look post-vaccine, but I would suggest sticking to the full 30 days or more, if possible. It is the best way to immerse yourself in a country.

Which countries would you recommend?
Richmond: It is difficult to respond at this time due to COVID restrictions. But if the borders are open, Thailand would be number one on my list. The transition from a western country to Thailand is smooth as English is generally understood and they all have the same technological and health advancements for a fraction of the cost. Bangkok has the glitz and glamor of a big city: reliable public transport, 24-hour food and party fun, and powerful Wi-Fi. But you can head to an island in the south to enjoy the laid-back beach vibe, or head north to enjoy the fresh mountain air of Chiang Mai. I would get settled there in a second, but unless you work for a Thai company or marry a Thai citizen it is almost impossible to get a resident visa. I am looking for my Thai husband!

And I love Malaysia. It has such a unique history and a diverse population; food alone is an adventure. You can clearly see the Chinese, Indian and Malay influences. And like Thailand, there are many types of destinations in the country, from bustling Kuala Lumpur to historic Penang, Langkawi Island and the hills of the Cameron Highlands.


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