How to get your kids to school from anywhere, according to the people who did

Thanks to Karthika Guptathe distance schooling schedule for children of, she does not see school as an obstacle to travel; her family was able to temporarily relocate from Chicago to other locations in the United States during the pandemic. “There are so many opportunities for distance schooling or even home schooling if that’s right for you,” Gupta says. “It takes planning and a lot of prep work, but road school is possible, especially with young children. “

For Regelman’s trip around the world, his daughters were able to temporarily drop out of school altogether because they were already a year ahead of their peers. “They learned to see the world from different angles and found tangible personal reasons to care deeply about politics, history, economics, culture and the environment,” says Regelman.

Create stability in the transition

Once you have set your destination and your school decisions, it is important to think about how to create a sense of security for your children. While conversations about a physical transition may seem different depending on your child’s age, there are a few different factors to consider. Dr Reinke suggests preparing school-aged children for the move by explaining the details of the trip to them and paying attention to what they may be missing while away from home.

“This will ensure that the children know what to expect and allow them to prepare by identifying the items in the house [to take on the journey] or strategies for keeping in touch with friends before the move, ”says Dr Reinke. She also recommends staying in a new place long enough for the whole family to establish daily routines and a sense of belonging.

Gupta says she gives her children the opportunity to help shape what their experiences will look like. “We look for places as a family and collectively decide where to go,” she says. For Regelman, talking about perspective is also essential: “We presented everything as an exciting and lucky opportunity, and our daughters realized that they were very privileged to be able to explore different parts of the world,” she says.

And when it comes to financial stability, one of the biggest misconceptions about living abroad with kids is that it’s too expensive. Having children is already expensive and requires a budget, but living abroad with them doesn’t necessarily have to add much more to that budget: Bashir calls it “a matter of working with what you have and not overdoing it. “. Still, Regelman admits it’s not something accessible to everyone: “We fully recognize our privilege to be able to achieve this, but we had to travel creatively – and relatively inexpensively – to budget for a year. whole with no income For us, that was part of the adventure and actually added to the fun.

Find support

If you feel ready to take the plunge to relocate your family, it helps to have structures in place that either continue to strengthen your current social bonds or put you in contact with other families who have the same condition. spirit to travel with their children. Bashir recommends joining expatriate groups to get together with other parents, and Chen says there are ways to socialize in most environments. “There are children in every community,” Chen says.

While parents all have different opinions on How? ‘Or’ What To provide their children with a different educational experience, one thing remains the same between them: exposure to new environments and cultures has made their children more adaptable and more understanding as citizens of the world.

“Living and traveling abroad has made our children much more open to people, ideas, foods, political differences, stories and experiences that are not like theirs,” says Regelman. “It fundamentally changed who they are in the most wonderful way. They have a level of independence, confidence, sophistication and openness that I could never have dreamed of at their age.

As with many aspects of parenting, even with the best planning, things don’t always go as planned. There is no place you can move that is free from heartache or conflict. However, as your family adjusts, you may find that you, too, become a little more resilient.

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