How Mykonos’ trendiest hotspots and resorts greeted the stars amid COVID

It looks like everyone is or has been in Mykonos at some point this summer, and it’s no surprise. The Greek island has been a vacation destination for celebrities, fashion stars and world travelers for years, and while tourism has surely suffered in the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, hotels, restaurants, beach clubs and bars have found safe ways to accommodate people.

Luxury hotels like the Myconian Villa Collection and lavish beach clubs like SantAnna have put in place strict COVID-19 protocols and have managed to come back stronger than ever, with stunning new suites, facilities, menus and a sea of enthusiastic customers.

Myconian collection

The Myconian Collection, the most majestic collection of villas and resorts in all of Mykonos, worked throughout the pandemic to open new locations across the island – the Panoptis Escape, ideal for a relaxing retreat, being the last. The other nine hotels in the Collection are: Ambassador, Avaton, Imperial, Korali, Kyma, Naia, Royal Myconian, Utopia and the Myconian Villa Collection.

The Collection, founded in 1979 by George and Elefteria Daktylides, is today run by the couple’s four sons: Panos, Markos, Vangelis and Marios. While each property enjoys splendid views of the island, whether over the hills, the sea, or the bustling city center, each has its own unique interior design style. The Myconian Villa collection, for example, features elegant black and pink accents and furniture, as well as spectacular lighting fixtures. It’s a welcome contrast to Mykonos’ famous white landscape – and the dark, rich vibe pairs well with the resort’s panoramic views over the Aegean Sea.

To ensure the safety of visitors during the current global health crisis, hoteliers have ensured that their staff members always wear face covers and are regularly tested for COVID-19. The 5-star restaurants, common areas, and hotel suites, including private villas, are regularly sanitized, and guests are offered antibacterial gel, hand wipes, and face coverings daily. A COVID-19 test or a negative vaccination card is also required to stay at one of the hotels in the Collection.

Due to their success in implementing these security protocols, the resorts have recently been able to open their doors to many travel influencers, international celebrities and fashion entrepreneurs. The Blonde Abroad visited the Mykonian Villa Collection this summer, as did Kristallik Blue, Olesya Gevorkyan and Isabella Garofanelli.

The incredible gastronomy of hotels is also back and now offers selections of the best wines and seafood of Mykonos, following a shortage of food and water on the island.

Saint Anne

Speaking of great food and drink, SantAnna – undoubtedly Mykonos’ premier beach club – has not only reopened its doors to visitors, founder Dimitris Christoforidis is working to expand the spot’s offer to make the experience even more lavish people, because the world is impatient to relive the good life.

Unlike any other beach club on the island, SantAnna offers an award-winning organic Mediterranean menu, pool and beach cabanas and lounge chairs on beautiful Paraga Beach as well as private tables with exclusive rooms below, in order to that party animals can enjoy more privacy.

It also has a helipad, in case you plan to travel from other European summer destinations.

Christoforidis, who helped bring the concept of farm-to-table catering to Greece before it was all the rage, said that in the past two months his club has seen more business than in 2020.

It also helps that the spot is fully open and cool due to the Mykonos breeze. This allows visitors to stay socially at a distance even when eating or swimming without a face mask.

Some influencers who have enjoyed visits to SantAnna this summer include model Gemma Lenoci, fashion designer Evalinda and model Giada Folcia.


Located on beautiful Agios Ioannis Beach, Katikies offers postcard-worthy views of Mykonos and the crisp, white-and-blue aesthetic that’s notoriously associated with the island.

The hotel’s luxury villas feature private pools, ocean-facing lounge chairs, and glamorous guestrooms, perfect for a relaxing honeymoon or chic summer getaway.

Although the Katikies transport system makes it easy to explore the bustling center of Mykonos and its many dining options, the hotel has its own gourmet restaurant and bar, where one can sample a range of wine pairings. and Mediterranean seafood.

During the pandemic, the Katikies team made sure to “closely follow the guidelines and recommendations set out by the Greek government, EFET Hellenic Food Authority, the World Health Organization and other relevant local authorities in the fight against COVID-19, ”they said.

They also guarantee the ecological disinfection of each room and mattress, ensured by PureSpace.

Over the years, Katikies has hosted some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and has attracted a host of fashion stars and travelers this summer. Model Marietta Chrousala enjoyed a stay at the property, as did actress and singer Sienna Hollen and lifestyle blogger Lauren Elyce.

Bohemian & Nomad

Mykonos’ most charming sister hotels, Bohemia and Nomad, have a totally different style and vibe, but both offer ultra-exclusive and relaxing vacation experiences.

The atmosphere of Bohème is modern, elegant and dynamic. The hotel is a short walk from Mykonos’ famous windmills and fashionable Little Venice.

But being close to Mykonos Town’s nightlife doesn’t affect the hotel’s serene seaside vibe – in fact, it’s the best of both worlds for travelers. After a day of shopping, dining and exploring the city, visitors can retreat to their luxury suites, complete with private balconies and Jacuzzis.

Bohemian’s mature sister, Nomad, is elegant, brooding, and peaceful.

Each piece of decor in the hotel is handpicked, and the architecture is simple but refined. Soft, earthy and gray tones create a calming atmosphere, which echoes the tranquil mountainous landscape upon which the hotel is built.

Every aspect of the property allows you to feel anchored and connected to nature. It’s the perfect secluded escape within the bustling island.

Bohème and Nomad have implemented Greece’s certified “Health First” action plan to fight COVID-19, and all rooms and facilities are disinfected using PureSpace and Diversey products.

Kenshō Psarou

The Greek Islands pride themselves on their fresh seafood and crisp, fine white wine. And it’s places like Kenshō Psarou, which stayed afloat during the pandemic and attracted foodies from all over the world with its delicious menu, that are worth a visit.

The beach hotel restaurant, run by chef Ippokratis, is one of the most romantic and inventive in Mykonos. The Greek menu is influenced by Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, and even features French elements. Surprisingly, all cuisines blend together perfectly, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Nice and easy

Christoforidis, the founder of SantAnna, also runs Nice n Easy, which is a much more laid back version of his prestigious beach club. The small restaurant is located in the heart of Mykonos Town and offers the most incredible sea view on the island.

Since alfresco dining is the only option, Nice n Easy has become the place to dine for many travelers, especially during the pandemic. Plus, the sunset views you get from the dinner table are hard to match.

The menu, like SantAnna’s, is “healthy gourmet” and each dish is made with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

The name of the hotspot was inspired by Frank Sinatra’s legendary song “Nice ‘n’ Easy”.

Super paradisiacal beach club

If you’re looking for a coronavirus-free summer party, the Super Paradise Beach Club is the place to be. Visitors can not only enjoy a day of sunbathing and drinking on the sparkling white sand beach, but they can also sit down for a five-course meal at the club’s restaurant, where Greek rosé flows like wine. water.

Visitors can check the club’s website for event details – there are plenty of them – each week and pick their favorite party in front of the clear turquoise sea of ​​Mykonos.

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