How Estonia became a gateway to Europe for established companies and startups

It has been six years since Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “Digital India” campaign, and the government has since made rapid efforts to improve cybersecurity in the country and advance digital transformation.

In 2019, Vice-president Mr. Venkaiah Naidu had also visited Tallinn in Estonia, one of the most digitized countries with a large trade delegation. Speaking at the 12th edition of YourStory’s flagship tech startup event, TechSpark 2021, Katrin Kivi, Ambassador of Estonia to India, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh reveals cybersecurity and digital cooperation between India and Estonia.

“Venkaiah Naidu’s visit put Estonia at the forefront, as we saw an increase in business opportunities. During the visit, India and Estonia signed two memoranda of understanding on cybersecurity, e-governance and other digital technologies, ”she said.

Although India is larger than Estonia – both in terms of size and population, Katrin says these official cooperations will amplify the achievements of countries.

India-Estonia cooperation

Estonia is known for its electronic governance and blockchain technology. Katrin says the country has adopted online voting since 2005; they are leaders in cybersecurity, and almost every utility is available online, whether it’s filing taxes, registering a childbirth, or renewing your driver’s license. The Estonian private sector also has an important role to play, with the country having its unique digital society and e-governance, and many companies have found partners to work in India.

“There are over 3,000 Estonian e-residents in India and they have established over 500 businesses in Estonia. Several good examples to give are Mukesh Ambani who set up a Jio research center in the country. Another example is Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which is also expanding its presence, ”she added.

Katrin adds that both countries have made significant progress in digital technologies and the mutually beneficial cooperation between India and Estonia will further strengthen cybersecurity and digital transformation goals.

Gateway to Europe

Estonia also has a special digital nomad visa program for established founders, entrepreneurs and startups, where they can set up a business in Estonia and operate digitally (remotely) in the European market, while being physically present in India. or elsewhere.

“In these difficult times of COVID-19, this is a wonderful opportunity for people who want to establish their business in Europe, where they can set up their business, file their taxes and everything else online,” says Katrin.

She also pointed out that Estonia’s investment outlook is very positive and points out that the ease of doing business, a competitive tax system, very transparent operations, a stable and proactive government and its policies, a strong workforce. This work described as world-class and the global orientation of the country, as a whole, makes Estonia a dynamic and progressive country worth exploring.

Katrin concluded by saying: “Innovation is no longer a choice but it is a default setting for an ambitious economy. There are no obstacles to operating even more and so let us do it for the good of our two countries.

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