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The High Potential Individual (HPI) visa is designed to attract the world’s best graduates from prestigious work-around universities, who want to work or seek work in the UK, after successfully completing a qualifying course of study equivalent to a UK Bachelor’s degree . degree level or above. The study must have been conducted at an institution on the Global Universities List, the table of Global Universities that will be accepted for this visa route as Awarding Institutions, which is updated regularly.

The new High Potential Individual course, launched on May 30, 2022, is a non-sponsored course, granted for 2 years (holders of a license and a master’s degree), or 3 years (holders of a doctorate).

Eligibility criteria

  • The HPI is based on a point-based system. The candidate must obtain 70 points:
    • 50 points: Applicant must, within the 5 years immediately preceding the date of application, have completed an overseas university degree which ECCTIS confirms meets or exceeds the recognized standard of a UK Bachelor’s degree or a British postgraduate degree. From an institution listed on the World List of Universities.

    • 10 points: English language requirements, in the 4 components (reading, writing, speaking and listening), of at least level B1.

    • 10 points: Financial requirement, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they can support themselves in the UK, with a minimum cash fund of £1,270. Applicants who have lived in the UK for at least 12 months in another immigration category do not have to meet the financial requirements.

  • If the applicant has, in the last 12 months prior to the date of application, received a scholarship from a government or international scholarship agency covering both fees and living expenses to study in the UK, he must provide written consent to the candidacy of that government or agency.

  • The candidate must not have already obtained the authorization within the framework of the extension program of the student doctorate, as a graduate or as a person with high potential.


A high-potential person can bring their dependent partner and children (under the age of 18) to the UK.

Stay longer in the UK

The individual high-potential route is not a route to establishment. A person with high potential cannot extend their visa. However, they may be able to switch to another visa instead, such as a Skilled Worker Visa, Startup Visa, Innovator Visa, or Exceptional Talent Visa.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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