Health insurance for the new workforce of digital nomads

If you are planning to become nomadic in the future or start this lifestyle, digital nomadic insurance is one factor that you might not consider. Just like you need insurance for things like your automobile, home, health, etc., you should also have insurance while living remotely.

Many people have made the mistake of going abroad unsafe to stay healthy and on the road. With the help of insurance technology pioneer Andrew Jernigan of Insured Nomads let’s explain why having digital nomadic insurance is so important.

You never know when the worst will come

When you travel to remote parts of the world, you can quickly enter a world of unpredictable circumstances. Even with international insurance in the past, Jernigan quickly noticed in a small part of West Africa that nomadic insurance needed to be better:

“One day, after traveling for two hours to collect our mail at the post office, we ran into guys wearing uniforms from a well-known medical and security company. After confirming that they could reach our location if an evacuation was needed, we were given a dismissive look and told we couldn’t afford their service. Since then he has devoted much of his life to building a business that can help alleviate potential problems like this.

Sometimes plans change

When you venture into the unknown, you likely enter each country with a specific set of goals and plans. However, life doesn’t always tend to turn in our favor. Or, how we intend to make things work. Jernigan also found himself in this kind of scenario:

“A little over seven years ago, I wasn’t dealing with stress and a multiple time zone work routine very well and ended up letting my lifestyle throw me off balance. I found myself rushed to a hospital where I had to have open heart surgery by the end of the day. Since plans can change without warning or notice, having a safety net is essential.

The disease is covered

One of the common problems nomads face when entering a new country is getting sick from the local bacteria and other dirt in the food and water that they are usually not exposed to in their homeland. origin. Or get an illness they didn’t have before. The good news is that those with digital nomad insurance can get these kinds of issues covered, no questions asked.

COVID-19 coverage

Another important thing to consider when traveling is COVID-19 protection. Some countries require tourists entering the country to be covered by COVID-19 insurance for the duration of their trip. Be sure to check the country you’re traveling to or just purchase coverage with a plan that includes it.

Mother Nature can cause big problems

Each part of the world has its own share of local issues with mother nature. From hurricanes to tsunamis and earthquakes, you never know what you might encounter on the road. Although very unlikely, Mother Nature can leave you in a world of financial and physical injury.

If the worst should happen and a natural disaster leaves your property in ruins or even injures you personally, insurance will be the easiest way to recover financially. Not to mention that you can venture into potentially dangerous areas knowing that you are covered should anything happen.

Delays can be costly without insurance

Delays are definitely one of the issues you will encounter as a nomad. As Jernigan states: “Many of us have travel stories that involve dealing with delayed flights, going through culture shock or grief, having our online accounts hacked, or even getting stuck in a country due to natural disaster or unrest.

Delays are inevitable, along with other issues such as those mentioned above. For this reason, you should take the initiative and find coverage that will protect you so that you don’t need to spend money out of your pocket to book your flights or depend on the kindness of the airlines.

Your luggage is always safe

While many nomads do not travel with checked baggage to facilitate entry and exit from airports, there will likely be cases where it is necessary. For example, those returning home may view checked baggage as a way to bring back gifts from their trips to friends and family.

Although rare, the prospect of losing your luggage is something you should consider. Many airlines will not help you if your baggage is lost or only refund a small portion of the monetary value. With nomadic insurance, however, it’s something you never have to worry about in the first place.

There is no price for peace of mind

When you travel abroad, you instantly learn the value of the invaluable experiences and moments you get from engaging with local communities, exploring the wonders of the world, and more. However, without peace of mind, these experiences quickly fade into their full level of usefulness.

As Jernigan states: “Living as an expat or embracing the digital nomad lifestyle has its pros and cons, and learning how to balance them well can now be as important as getting a new degree… If you are in a global lifestyle, find an international health insurance coverage that works for you, rather than a travel-focused policy. Take it from Jernigan; there is no price that is not worth paying for peace of mind on the road.

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