Greece submits bill for digital nomads; minimum income of 3,500 euros

Greece has tabled a bill in parliament aimed at attracting digital nomads to the country.

Like many countries around the world, Greece has entered the race to take advantage of the huge increase in teleworkers caused by the pandemic and their purchasing power.

The bill, prepared by the Ministry of Migration, provides that non-residents of Greece will be able to stay in the country for up to 18 months and work with employers based abroad.

Initially, candidates for Visa can claim a stay of 12 months, then a six-month extension will be possible.

Among the conditions to be fulfilled is proof that the digital nomad will be at work for the duration of their stay by producing an employee contract. It also requires evidence that the teleworker earn enough money to get by without weighing down country’s social security system.

Specifically, they will be required to show monthly income of at least 3,500 euros.

Recent research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that the Greek economy could benefit from 1.3 billion euros if the country attracts 100,000 digital nomads per year and they stay in the country for six months on average.

The bill also includes changes to Greece’s Golden Visa Program in order to make it more competitive.

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