Greece still has a long way to go to conquer digital nomads


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A growing number of digital nomads are considering Greece as an option motivated by its the story and culture, according to a recent study by From a distance, a network of remote technology companies.

The results of the study show that Athens is ranked 63rd on a list of 100 destinations identified by teleworkers. However, although Greece scores high in terms of landscape, history and cultural heritage, it does not do as well in terms of cost of living as well as incentives for remote workers.

A closer look reveals that if digital nomads respondents ranked Athens first in terms of “attractiveness” on the basis of beauty, culture and history, the Greek capital falls to 63rd place Overall, when respondents factor in cost and quality of life, digital work infrastructure and incentives, including nomadic visas, tax incentives, relocation payments, and housing incentives.


Athens, Greece. Photo © Maria Théofanopoulou

The study includes Athens as the most attractive places to live among Honolulu, Vienna, Madrid, Miami and Las Vegas.

As for Athens, according to the report, “you will find a city filled with highly educated people, many of whom have lived abroad, but work is always balanced with time to relax and unwind. Note that many Greeks still hold traditional values ​​and that gender stereotypes can influence elements of everyday life. The cost of living is cheap compared to other European capitals and the level of English is high throughout Athens ”.

Toronto tops the list with high scores in all indicators: Internet infrastructure (speed, price and reliability), attractiveness (natural, cultural), security, quality of life, openness (how hospitable people are and how transparent their governments are) , cost of living, incentives for working distance.

Madrid follows in second place, Oakland (New Zealand) 3rd, Madeira (Portugal) 4e, and Helsinki (5e).

The Svalbard Archipelago located in the Arctic Ocean, which lies in the 6e place largely due to the availability of a lifetime independent and digital nomadic visa, quality of life, openness and security, as is Valparaiso in Chile in 8e place on the list of 100.

European destinations top the list, including Berlin (7e) and Dublin (9e).

London is at the bottom of the list in 78e place, as it is Budapest (79e), Bratislava (87e), and Warsaw (93rd).

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