Grapevine: Strangers Last – July 2, 2021

Sandbox Futures
The real point about Thai sandboxes (no quarantine for fully vaccinated foreigners visiting certain resorts here) is not whether Thailand is open and ready to receive them. The question is whether foreign tourists will actually want to come here given that several governments (UK and US to begin with) advise their nationals not to book.

Pattaya sandbox
The big issue is how to prevent foreign guests from leaving the sealed area before they are allowed to do so. Not easy. Suggestions include restricting them to the island of Koh Larn and watching ferries, ordering them to wear tracking bracelets, insist they go on bus tours that don’t stop anywhere, etc. . Will people pay for this kind of vacation?

Pure expense
Holidays abroad are getting more and more expensive wherever you are. Many plane tickets are 20% more expensive than in 2019 when all you needed was a passport and a ticket to fly. Now you have to budget for vaccinations, Covid tests before and after, heavy insurance and (sometimes) even quarantine hotels. Tourism after the pandemic will not be like the good old days.

No play please
Following the arrest of 16 players in Pattaya for indulging in the Pok Heng card game, some people are wondering how to play it. Basically it is three card poker but with a set of rules that can change on a daily basis. You can easily end up with a small fortune, of course, as long as you start with a large fortune.

Indian Curry Evening
The Bang Saray Beach Club hosts an Indian buffet feast every Friday evening from around 6 p.m. Eat your fill for 300 baht which is incredible value considering the variety of food and quality. Another favorite, from the regular menu, is the resort’s chili con carne that’s on-site. Even served with sour cream and your choice of spiciness. It’s finish.

Retirement visas
O / A and O visas and extensions of stay may be granted to retirees. The difference is normally that O / A can only be issued by Thai embassies abroad but can be extended to Thai immigration. Type O can be both awarded by Thai immigration and extended by them without any embassy involvement. Clear as mud, we know that.

Covid insurance options
This is not much of a problem if you are outside of Thailand and are under 100 years old. Go to and see for yourself the very reasonable costs. The situation for expats in Thailand is very different and much more expensive. In other words, it is easy to be covered for 100,000 USD abroad and difficult and expensive here.

Still floating
Many of the ideas put forward for future immigration policy have not yet been implemented. Also at the drawing board stage are the abolition of the 90-day report requirement, the right of foreigners to buy land, the attractiveness of permanent residence for large investors, the liberalization of regulations for nomads. digital. You cannot squeeze the Orient.

Feed the animals
Remember, under a recently passed law, if you feed stray cats and dogs, you automatically become responsible for them – just like owning them. While there are few signs that local authorities are cracking down on people in good spirits, one should also be aware. You don’t want to be stuck with vet bills for animals you barely know.

Driver’s license required
Although Pattaya Police do not appear to be doing much vehicle checks at this time, the ground transportation offices are open again. The old policy of allowing drivers for up to a year before renewing expired licenses is now a thing of the past. Online dating may require the assistance of a Thai person.

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