Government approves over 3.6 billion baht budget for Thai vaccine development

A budget of 3.62 billion baht has been approved by the Cabinet for the further research and development of 2 Thai Covid-19 vaccines. Deputy government spokesperson Rachada Dhanadirek said one of the vaccines is an mRNA vaccine, while the other is a herbal subunit vaccine, according to the Bangkok Post.

About 2.32 billion baht has been allocated for the mRNA vaccine, known as ChulaCOV-19 and developed by the Chula Vaccine Research Center at the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University and its partners.

The second vaccine, a subunit vaccine known as Baiya, is worth 1.3 billion baht and is being developed by start-up Baiya Phytopharm, under the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Chulalongkorn University. The herbal vaccine uses leaf proteins to produce a vaccine that boosts immunity against Covid-19 infection. Animal testing shows that it produces high levels of immunity. The Bangkok Post reports that the two vaccines are now in the third phase of human trials.

Meanwhile, in other news, Deputy Prime Minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow said the government is keen to promote new measures to attract wealthy foreigners to Thailand. He says he will organize meetings with each foreign ambassador to promote a new Long stay visa program aimed at highly qualified professionals and high net worth investors. It is hoped that the new visa will help revive the Thai economy after the pandemic.

Under the new regime, eligible foreigners can get a 10-year visa, which also covers their spouse and children. The visa entitles the holder to a work permit, tax exemption on foreign income and the right to own property and land. They would also pay the same tax rate as a Thai citizen. The program is aimed at frequent travelers who have assets in multiple countries, wealthy retirees over 50 who can cover their costs while living in Thailand, highly skilled professionals and digital nomads employed in other countries but who wish to work from Thailand. .

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THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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