Google Fi plan updates: price cuts, more high-speed data

Google Fi is officially updating its three plans with some much-needed changes that make the service more competitive, with the two unlimited plans seeing the biggest improvements.


There’s no price change from the original flexible plan where you pay $10 per gigabyte of data and a fixed amount ($16-20) for unlimited calls/texts. That said, you now get “unlimited calling in Canada and Mexico at no extra charge” (emphasis added). Previously, only calls from the US to these two countries were free, and this is now available on all three plans.

Simply Unlimited

Google announced Simply Unlimited last April to mark Fi’s sixth anniversary. This offer is the middle-of-the-road option for those who use a lot of data but don’t need any other benefits, and it’s supposed to be the “most affordable unlimited plan, especially for families and groups.”

If you have four or more lines, it’s now $20 per member/month instead of $30. It costs $25 each for three lines (also from $30), $40 each for two (previously $45), and $50 for a single (from $60).

High-speed data — the amount you can use before being capped at 2G (256 kbps) speeds — goes from 22GB to 35GB. Fi also adds 5GB of hotspot connection (for your laptop, your tablet, etc.) after not including any. You can’t use data outside of the US, Mexico, or Canada, nor do you get a data-only SIM card.

Looking at the landscape, Google Fi’s $20 per line for four or more subscribers should be the cheapest deal in the United States. Visible (a Verizon MVNO) is the closest match at $25 each for four, while T-Mobile’s cheapest is $27/line for five. AT&T and Verizon both cost $30 for five years and up.

Unlimited More

Finally, Unlimited Plus now starts at $40 per member/month for those with four or more lines instead of $45. It costs $45 each for three lines (was $50), $55 each for two (was $60), and $65 for a single (was $70).

The biggest upgrade here is how you get 50GB of high-speed data per month instead of 22GB. It can be used for tethering and internationally, while (up to four) Data-only SIM cards remain an Unlimited Plus and Flexible benefit. There’s also 100GB of Google One and international calls to over 50 destinations as of last year.

Following this morning’s email, Google made the Fi plan updates official. These changes will take effect on the next billing cycle for existing members, while new customers can take advantage of them today. In reality:

To celebrate this launch, for a limited time, you can save up to $500 on select phones or get $100 in Fi bill credit if you bring your own phone, when you join or add a line.

Fi supports the vast majority of modern Android devices, while iPhone support is limited to 4G speeds. As an MVNO, Google operates the networks of T-Mobile and US Cellular.

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