G Adventures Unveils Predictions for Top 10 Travel Trends

G Adventures has released its forecast on Top 10 Travel Trends for 2022, which appears to be a more focused and intentional year of travel.

The forecast is based on two surveys of more than 4,500 travelers who make up the tour operator’s global consumer panel, two-thirds of whom are former travelers. The surveys used date from July and October 2021.

Majority of travelers find travel important to their well-being and mental health, survey finds

1: Community tourism = responsible travel
Almost a third of those polled said they will put more emphasis on responsible travel in 2022. Travelers look for adventures that move through several small communities, which they can do while hiking in foot, as it helps many local people to explore their area.

2: Travelers care more about supporting locals
Long before carbon footprint and plastic reduction, travelers want their money to directly benefit the locals. At 66% globally, this trend has been intensified by the impact of the pandemic on countries that depend on tourism for their economic survival.

3: Works that are gaining popularity
Not just for digital nomads, workations have hit the general public. Among the panel’s respondents, 24% said they could work from anywhere – this number rising to 46% for 18-34 year olds. A growing number of people (37% compared to 19% in December 2020) are considering a combination of work and future travel.

4: Youth hostels are about to make a big comeback
The need for social connection among young travelers is stronger than ever with 63% of respondents aged 18 to 34 saying they are likely to try a hostel experience after the pandemic. Meeting people to socialize with and possibly travel with was the most important factor in choosing a hostel for 71% of the panelists.

5: Desire to disconnect from devices
Workers aside, travelers want to reconnect with people and places, but are desperate to disconnect from the online world while on vacation. Some 54% of respondents want to pause social media and reduce screen time, with 28% saying socializing and meeting new people is their top wellness priority when booking their next vacation.

6: Have a little more money to spend
Staying in China has sparked a savings boom, with 18 percent of those polled saying they’ve increased their travel budget for international vacations. This excess likely means their travel dollars will take them on bigger adventures than they ever thought possible.

7: no to vacations, yes to distant destinations
The appeal of national holidays is diminishing as the pandemic progresses. Only 18% of those polled said they would rather stay closer to home than travel further afield on their next international vacation. Almost a third (30%) said they were less likely to take a vacation in 2022.

8: The lethargy of confinement boosts active lifestyles
Physical activity on their next vacation was 70% strong, with 64% of travelers saying their physical and mental well-being is a primary consideration on their next vacation.

9: Well-being and mental health come first
With an overwhelming 95% of travelers stating that travel is important for their well-being and mental health, many seek vacations that help them reconnect and optimize travel as a way to revitalize.

10: The journey of revenge is over, the journey of reconnection is on
Travelers are hungry for new experiences and stronger connections with others. Although the term ‘revenge trip’ has gained in popularity during the pandemic, reconnection trips are now 42% compared to 14% for revenge trips.

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