Future Shopper 2021 Report Says Thailand Top Online Shoppers List

Wunderman Thompson, a global marketing communications agency, the Future Shopper 2021 report claims Thais world leader in online shopping following a change in behavior during the pandemic as people move into electronic markets.

This was pointed out in the company report Future buyer 2021, a global survey of 28,000 respondents across 17 markets, including 1,025 in Thailand on generations X, Y and Z.

Thais are leading the global online shopping trend, indicating a crucial shift in the mindset of shoppers that will help establish a healthy and strong e-commerce mindset and behavior in the post-pandemic world “said Maureen Tan, Managing Director of Wunderman Thompson Thailand. .

The survey found that 94% of Thai consumers – the highest in the world and above the global average of 72% – said online shopping came to their rescue in 2020.

Some 90% of Thais – above the global average of 62% – said they would use digital channels more in the future, as they are comfortable with technology and concerned about shopping in stores physical.

More online shopping during the pandemic

The survey also noted that 45% are willing to spend 1,000 to 8,000 baht per purchase. Even though offline shopping spending is still higher than online, the latter continues to rise, Ms. Tan said.

Some 62% of Thai respondents said they spent more on online shopping during the pandemic and 92% said they would continue to do so after the pandemic.

Sean Lee Ong, director of planning at Wunderman Thompson, said the boom in online shopping has given brands a new opportunity to tap into, but customers also expect more.

Brands must find ways to improve the online shopping experience for customers according to their needs, he noted. In Thailand, the omnichannel or blended offline and online approach is still important, he said.

Some 82% of Thai respondents – the highest rate in the world – said they preferred shopping with brands that have both physical and online stores. Additionally, around 95% of respondents say they believe retailers need to improve their products, services and shopping experiences.

Social commerce plays an important role in online shopping

Online marketplaces lead online shopping channels for Thais (45%), followed by retailer sites (11%) and social media (10%). According to Ong, brands should consider a long-term strategy of bringing traffic from e-marketplaces to their own sites.

Brand websites, mobile apps, and retailer sites are among the least-visited channels today, he said. Social commerce plays an important role in online shopping in Thailand with 66% of Thais reporting having shopped through social platforms – the highest rate in the world and above the global average of 44% – with Facebook being the preferred channel.

More than half of online shoppers are gamers. Throughout the pandemic, Thais have had more time to play games with 54% playing on cellphones and 32% on computers.

According to the survey, 69% of Gen X respondents in Thailand said they expect delivery within two to three days, while 88% of millennials trust credible reviews before making an online purchase. .

Meanwhile, 76% of Gen Z respondents said they are very comfortable with digital technology.

Source: Wunderman Thompson, Bangkok Post

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