From the most bourgeois travelers to the most procrastinators, KAYAK maps America’s travel habits by state


KAYAK reveals how different travel habits are in the United States

STAMFORD, Connecticut., September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The travel landscape has changed dramatically over the past year. How, when and what Americans want to travel has changed. To better understand these changing preferences, KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine, analyzed its billions of search queries to determine how travel search behavior has evolved from state to state.

Map of state superlatives

From the state with the most bourgeois travelers (we see you Rhode Island), to those who are most likely to book last minute (hey Nevada), KAYAK has taken a close look at travel patterns across the country. The very first from KAYAK State travel superlatives” menu highlights search behavior in each state to learn more about their travel preferences.

Is sleeping or taking off early more important? Who bets on those vacation packages vs planning a trip as if they were at a buffet? Some of what we saw was pretty predictable. For example, New Yorkers are the most likely to travel on business while Californians can be found traveling across their state – no surprises there. Other data, however, were more surprising: travelers from Mississippi like a lot, while the people of Ohio rarely take an early flight.

No matter where you come from in the United States, each state has its own set of unique travel trends that are worth exploring. Check out the full list of data-driven state travel superlatives below:

  • Digital nomads: Alaskans recorded the most searches for long-term stays (15%)

  • Homebody: Texans had the least searches for long-term stays (3%)

  • State explorers: California had the most searches for cars in the same condition as the finder’s location (37%)

  • Explorers out of state: Kentucky had the fewest searches for cars (8%) in the same condition as the finder’s location

  • Restaurateurs: Florida had the highest number of searches for stays (70%)

  • The vagrants: West Virginia had the least searches for stays (11%)

  • Ready to travel: Louisiana saw the largest increase in searches (38%) for pre-COVID to date

  • Reluctant to travel: Maryland had the largest drop in searches (-15%) between pre-COVID and today

  • Offer hunters: Mississippi had the largest increase in vacation package searches (54%) before COVID to present

  • Tailor-made travelers: Maine had the largest drop in vacation package searches (-30%) before COVID to present

  • Early risers: Montana had the highest number of searches for early take-off flights (3%)

  • Most likely to sleep: Ohio had the fewest searches for early take-off flights (0.3%)

  • Procrastinators: Nevada did the most last minute searches (36%)

  • Planners: Vermont carried out the least last minute searches (23%)

  • workaholics: new York had the highest number of registrations for KAYAK for business (9%)

  • Vacation seekers: South Dakota Recorded the lowest number of KAYAK business listings (0.09%)

  • Bougiest: Rhode Island had the most business class and first class searches (4%)

  • The most frugal: Nebraska had the least business class and first class searches (1%)

  • Search 9 to 5: Washington DC had the most searches during working hours (54%)

  • Researchers after the hour: Oregon had the least searches during working hours (44%)

“Americans haven’t stopped traveling, they just travel differently these days and we wanted to highlight that in a fun way,” said Matt Clarke, KAYAK North American Vice President of Marketing. Whether you’re flying, driving, looking for a package deal, or just need a change of scenery, KAYAK has all your options in one place to help travelers find what best suits their needs at a price. advantageous. “

In addition to this year’s “State Travel Superlatives”, KAYAK has also analyzed millions of verified customer reviews from 2020 to present, for its annual Travel Awards honoring the best hotels, airlines and car rental companies in 2021, so when you’re ready to travel, you can plan your trip with confidence.

The annual KAYAK Travel Awards highlight ways in which our partners go above and beyond what travelers expect, according to the opinions of travelers themselves. All of the winners have not only met KAYAK’s standards of excellence, but also enjoy highly favorable ratings and reviews. To qualify, we looked at over a full year of reviews left or accumulated on KAYAK.

For more information on the KAYAK Travel Awards and the full list of winners, visit

KAYAK, part of Booking Holdings (NASDAQ: BKNG), is the world’s leading travel search engine. With billions of queries on our platforms, we help people find their perfect flight, vacation, rental car, cruise, vacation package. We’re also supporting business travelers with KAYAK for Business, our free business travel solution, and transforming the travel experience with our app and new hotel and accommodation software. For more information visit

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KAYAK (PRNewsfoto / KAYAK)

KAYAK (PRNewsfoto / KAYAK)



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