Forget the pandemic, now might be the best time to travel

It’s no secret that the tourism and hospitality industries have been in tatters over the past two years. Travel restrictions have been put in place in an attempt to halt the spread of Covid and as such tourist areas have been closed.

Countries used to receiving millions of tourists every year have suddenly turned into deserted ghost towns. Hotels emptied and closed. Flights were grounded.

This graph from Statista shows the true impact of the virus on the airline industry.

More than 70% of the number of scheduled flights worldwide were down in February 2020.

However, now things are changing. The world is opening up, and there are many good reasons to choose now to take a long-awaited vacation.

Why fly and travel in 2022?

The most obvious reason is that it’s been too long since most people have been able to take a trip abroad. Millions of people would have had plans for 2020 and 2021 and then been unable to undertake them.

Even now, in many countries, it feels like things have not returned to normal. But there are promising signs. Things are starting to change and people in the tourism industry are regaining some optimism.

Here are some reasons why 2022 is the year to start moving again.

Cheap flights

There are many simple advice that will help you better plan your vacationand the first is to find a cheap flight.

In the past, trying to get cheaper flights often meant substandard airlines or taking tortuous routes to get to the final destination. Saving money on a flight can also mean adding hours to a trip and perhaps waiting in transit in a totally different country than the one you are heading to.

Not now though, flights are staying low to entice people to fly again. However, it will not stay that way. Experts believe that the low prices of flights currently available will increase. This is one of the reasons why booking for 2022 is a good idea.

Try your new language

This reason won’t suit everyone, but during the pandemic, millions of people have taken up new hobbies. One of them was to learn a new language.

In one study, 60% of respondents said they had started learning a new language. Of these people, nearly 90% said they plan to continue their learning after the pandemic is over.

If you were one of those people, this year could be the time to get out there and practice your new skill.

Fewer people traveling

It is certainly hoped that tourism will return to normal for the benefit of all whose livelihoods depend on it.

Nonetheless, for anyone traveling now, there are huge upsides to taking advantage of the lack of tourists. It also means that it could be a lot of fun to choose a random country to visit.

You can literally choose a place on a map with your eyes closed. Or, use a random country generator to choose a location, and you might find yourself on a beautiful deserted beach in an exotic location.

Tourist sites will be less crowded, leading to a much less stressful vacation. You will also have the choice of hotels.

new hotels

A very sad aspect of the pandemic was that many people were just opening new businesses when it hit. Some investors were halfway through building new restaurants, as well as hotels.

Many of these shiny new hotels have either never been used or seen very little use. This means there will be fierce competition and great accommodations at lower than usual prices.

Business owners have struggled over the past two years, so there’s no benefit to trying to haggle for cheaper housing. Instead, just search the net and you’ll find plenty of high-end hotels at more affordable prices than before.

Quarantine rules relaxed

This is obviously one of the main reasons people can travel. The lifting of restrictions now allows individuals, couples and families to get back to the air.

Thailand has certainly been a particularly affected country when it comes to tourism. In 2019, tourism accounted for more than 21% of GDP. Once Covid hit, the tourist towns emptied out.

Now, however, the country has simplified the return, and tourists are already taking advantage of it. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has introduced the Test & Go program to facilitate the arrival of tourists in the country.

Now, instead of a long quarantine, there is a simple Covid test plus 1 night in accommodation to guarantee a negative result. Then, the tourist is free to travel as he wishes.

It may be a country worth visiting when visitor numbers are low and the bargains are yet to be had.

Best time for digital nomads and remote workers

The way people worked certainly changed during the pandemic. Before Covid hit, millions of people dreamed of being able to work from home. Millions of others were already doing something similar, but working remotely from abroad.

The pandemic has created many remote workers in their home countries while simultaneously pushing out the majority of digital nomads overseas.

Now, however, it might be time for a lifestyle change. Instead of just going on vacation this year, why not transform your work style into a whole new life?

Remote work allows the freedom to travel across countries while supporting yourself. 2022 might not be the year you finally see Portugal, it might be the year you move there for work.

Good deals available

It is always useful to know how to travel efficiently on a small budget. In some countries, haggling is a way of life, especially in markets.

While there’s no reason to be fair and haggle the price so much that the seller makes no profit, there are bound to be plenty of bargains out there.

While many things in the world, like food prices, have gone up, chances are that some tourism regions are offering good deals.

Expect to see better deals on tours, hotels, bed and breakfasts, flights, and other leisure activities. You might find that drinks in bars are cheaper in some places now with promotions going on.

High customer service standards

It would not be surprising to find that the welcome you receive at a foreign station is something exceptional now.

People who work in tourism are desperate to get back to work, and all they want is to see you and other guests arrive in their country.

The travel experience now, although there are fewer tourists, should make the weather much more pleasant. Tours will likely be smaller, so the guide can give more time to each of their guests. Likewise, restaurant and hotel staff will be less stressed and able to provide better service.


It is highly likely that things will soon return to a reasonable level of normality. When this happens, flight prices will rise, hotels will fill up and beaches will become crowded again.

Why not pick 2022, pick a random country and fly there before the usual hordes start following?

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