Five reasons why Movavi will make your remote working in Croatia a breeze

Have you studied the benefits of telecommuting? Did you know that Croatia is now the number one digital nomad? Well you are doing it now! In this article, we will discuss the remote working options in Croatia and why Movavi is the best monitor. recording software for your work.

What is Movavi?

Movavi is a simple yet powerful tool that handles the requirements of converting, managing and distributing your video content. It is designed for efficient and user-friendly operation for both Mac and Windows users. Movavi has a wide array of tools in its arsenal that make it easy to create and edit videos for content creators on the go.

The repository of tools that help remote workers in simple software includes –

  • Video editor
  • Video converter
  • Slideshow maker
  • Clip editors for mobile users
  • Movavi screen recorder
  • Photo manager
  • PicVerse

The Ultimate Unlimited Solution offers users a combination of all programs in one nice, affordable package. Movavi offers annual subscriptions to personal and business users for all device users.

Why Movavi?

There are several tools for video editing like online screen recorders (Apowersoft) or screenshotvideo software for editing (Screenshot, Icecreamapps). However, you will have to scramble multiple platforms to get the right tools, and there is always a risk of format incompatibility. With Movavi, you find them all in one place and reduce the hassle of inconsistent results. Here are five more reasons Movavi is the tool for remote workers –

  1. High quality

One of the most common issues faced by content creators is the loss of quality that occurs during post-production. Viewers can distinguish good content from poor content. Quality is as important as storytelling in today’s world, where a large population has witnessed the evolution of videos and consumed video content for almost a century!

Movavi is designed to work with its users and create a user-friendly interface that is easily accessible to adults and children alike. They are open to new ideas and constantly update their software to deliver the highest quality results to their loyal customer base.

2. Global expertise

Since the company was founded in 2004, starting a small group of enthusiasts has quickly grown into an international business. With three offices around the world, in the United States, Russia and Cyprus, Movavi employs more than 400 members who work for the benefit of more than three million users in more than 200 countries.

3. Affordable price

All Movavi products have trial versions which allow you to test the tools. The trials do not limit the functionality of the solutions but are only available for a defined number of days. If the products meet the user’s requirements, the price will not become an issue: annual subscriptions are affordable and flexible!

You simply purchase the activation code, using the many payment options available, and activate the program with the key instead of reinstalling it. Suppose you had to cancel your subscription for some reason; you can do it with a single click.

4. Reliable support

Customer support is an essential team for any service business. Most large-scale businesses are apprehensive due to their callous nature towards their customers. Customer feedback is the cornerstone of the growth of any business.

Movavi takes pride in its customer support system. Their technical staff are responsible for supporting users and can offer support in more than 10 languages. Users submit a ticket to their customer support team, and each customer receives personalized responses that are quick and helpful.

5. Security

There are three things to consider when it comes to security. Payments, software and data. Both the website and the software are protected from any harmful programs or files, which means so are you. The means of payment are secure because they go through transparent applications. And finally, your data is not sold to third-party companies, and the only data it has is your use of the app to analyze and improve the product for you.

Why Croatia?

Croatia is one of the fascinating countries to offer a digital nomadic visa, allowing remote employees to work and enjoy for up to a year in a beautiful and culturally rich setting. Croatia is unique, rich in history and has a lot to offer for those who decide to stay awhile. Croatia has a lot to offer remote workers, including fantastic food, reasonable accommodation, and ideal places to work.

Although many studies claim that working remotely can increase productivity, it is still a relatively new notion that requires a lot of trial and error before settling on a working schedule.

Jobs that allow you to work remotely

If you are a video editor, then obviously you can benefit from Movavi Video Recorder. But what if you are a writer? Or a psychologist? How would you use it?

  • Psychologists have turned to online counseling to cover a wider audience. This means that they will have to sell themselves to a wide range of people. A video introduction goes a long way! Many psychologists, like online teachers, have now created an online portfolio with an introductory video to attract people.
  • Teachers have taken it a step further and are using Movavi to design and create engaging lessons for their students to keep them engaged. Whether it’s an English class or a class explaining the intricacies of economics, the visual aid is always helpful.
  • Business Intelligence analysts know how important visual storytelling is, and this tool is the perfect way to complete the analysis, so that clients feel good about their projects. Maybe that’s why it’s one of the most remote, well-paid jobs. Sure, BI tools are all of that, but a video explaining how your BI report plays out will add some oomph to your projects that your rivals lack.


If you want to be one of those freelancers who work less than 40 hours per week but to save a lot of money, you have to prepare your material, which can reduce the efforts but keep the productivity. Movavi is just one tool that can help you grow professionally without the risk of exhausting you.

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