Estonia offers local electronic residence option

Mr. Haav says Bangkok is an important center for business and finance in ASEAN.

Estonia has chosen Bangkok as one of the four new global destinations where Thai business owners and digital nomads who want to expand their reach into the European market can get an Estonian e-residency card after successful application.

Electronic residency is a government-issued digital identity offered to foreign nationals.

After enrolling in the government’s e-residency program, successful applicants receive a starter kit containing digital ID cards that allow them to start an online business in the EU and gain access to a wide range of Estonian public electronic services, such as business banking. and online tax filing.

E-residents can run a business from anywhere in the world, but e-residency does not provide citizenship or physical residence, nor the right to travel to Estonia or the EU.

Bangkok, as well as Sao Paolo in Brazil, Singapore and Johannesburg in South Africa, have been selected as new destinations where electronic residence cards can be obtained.

Almost 50 locations around the world have been chosen as pick-up points.

“The global pandemic has made it very clear that even with physical lockdowns and travel restrictions, people need digital tools for cross-border business and work,” said Lauri Haav, Managing Director of the Online Residency Program. . Bangkok Post.

“We have decided to reach out and provide enhanced convenience for the online residency process.”

More than 80,000 people from over 170 countries have applied for the online residency program, with 16,000 businesses established in Estonia, he said.

“We have a strong community of e-residents from all over the world, and around 40% of all e-residents come from other EU countries,” said Mr Haav.

He sees Bangkok as an important center for business and finance in ASEAN.

“It is also a very dynamic and attractive city for international and local entrepreneurs,” said Mr. Haav.

“When we started planning our expansion, it was clear to us that we needed to establish an Estonian e-residency card collection point in Bangkok. The city is a business hub for entrepreneurs from all over the region. “

He said making Bangkok a pickup point should help entrepreneurs both in Thailand and neighboring countries by providing them with an opportunity to expand their business.

Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia, said in a statement that even with the pandemic limiting the ability of people to travel for work and do business across borders, “it has also accelerated digital transformations between governments, businesses and the self-employed “.

According to Kaljulaid, Estonia is poised to welcome more freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners and self-employed people from around the world to join its online residency program.

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