Easiest credit cards to get in 2022

Getting a credit card approved isn’t always easy, and that’s especially true if you have a low credit score or limited credit history. A lot of best credit cards are intended for people with good or excellent credit, which puts beginners at a considerable disadvantage.

Still, some credit cards are much easier to get approved, even if you’ve made major credit mistakes in the past. If you’re looking for easy approval, there are a few types of cards you should check out: secured cards, unsecured cards for bad credit, student cards, and store cards.

The easiest credit card to get approved may not be ideal as a long-term card, but you’ll have the ability to build your credit history so you can later qualify for premier credit cards. plan.

Secured credit cards

Secured credit cards require a security deposit, which will often double your credit limit. You might be able to deposit between $49 and $3,000. The advantage of choosing a secured card is that the credit score requirements are loose, but unlike other credit cards for bad credit, they often come with rewards and no annual fees. Essentially, you are offering the security deposit for better benefits and less fees than you would otherwise get.

And when your credit climbs into the “good” range, you can often upgrade to an unsecured card. At that time, or if you decide to close your account (while it is in good standing), most issuers will refund your security deposit.

Here are some of our favorite secured credit cards of 2022.

Bank of America® Secure Credit Card with Personalized Cash Rewards

  • No annual fee
  • Earn customizable cash back in various bonus categories
  • Variable APR of 23.99%
  • Periodic account reviews to see if you qualify for your security deposit refund

Why it’s an easy card to get

Bank of America offers prequalification through its site when you log into your account. You can figure out which cards are best for you before you apply, and it doesn’t affect your credit.

Personalized cash rewards are rare among secure cards in that they offer cash back. It offers rewards just like its insecure counterpart, the Bank of America® Custom Cash Rewards Credit Card. With the secure version of this card, you can earn 3% cash back on purchases from categories of your choice, including gas, online shopping, dining, travel, pharmacy, or home improvement. housing; 2% Cash Back at Grocery Stores and Wholesale Clubs (up to $2,500 in combined 3% and 2% category purchases each quarter, then 1%); and 1% on all other purchases.

If all goes well and you make your payments on time, you may be able to request a upgrade to the unsecured version of the map.

Bank of America® Unlimited Cash Rewards Secured Credit Card

  • No annual fee
  • Earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases
  • Variable APR of 23.99%
  • Periodic account reviews to see if you qualify for your security deposit refund

Why it’s an easy card to get

Like the Bank of America Customized Cash card, you can prequalify for this card through the issuer’s site. This card also has the same cash back rate as the unsecured version, the Bank of America® Unlimited Cash Rewards Credit Card. You earn 1.5% unlimited cash back on all your purchases.

Unsecured credit cards for bad credit

If you have bad credit and are unable to provide a security deposit, you’re out of luck. There are credit cards designed for consumers with poor credit that don’t require a security deposit, but they often come with higher fees, higher APRs, and fewer rewards.

So, when would it be wise to choose an unsecured card? Remember that secured cards usually set your credit limit at the same amount you provide as a security deposit. An unsecured card may make more sense if you’re hoping for, say, a $1,000 credit limit, but don’t have that much money to put aside in a security deposit.

Here are some solid unsecured credit cards.

Indigo® Platinum Mastercard®

  • Get pre-qualified online without a thorough investigation of your credit report
  • Annual fees between $0 and $99 depending on your creditworthiness
  • 24.90% Fixed APR
  • No security deposit required
  • Reports to three credit bureaus

Why it’s an easy card to get

the Indigo Platinum Mastercard is for people with imperfect credit, so you may be able to qualify with a low credit score or no credit history. This card also reports your credit activity to all three credit bureaus, so you can use it in the short term to build credit and increase your score over time.

Keep in mind that you may have to pay annual fees depending on your creditworthiness. Also note that the credit limit for this card is set at $300, so you will only be able to use your card for small purchases.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

  • No annual fee
  • Get pre-qualified online and without in-depth investigation of your credit report
  • Variable APR of 26.99%
  • Automatically be considered for a higher credit limit in as little as six months

Why it’s an easy card to get

the Capital One Platinum Credit Card does not offer any rewards, but it allows you to increase your credit score without an annual fee. You’ll likely start with a low credit limit, but Capital One promises to review your account and consider increasing your credit limit in as little as six months.

This card also lets you see if you’re prequalified online, so you can assess your suitability for this credit card before you complete a full application.

Student Credit Cards

Many people get their first credit card in college. But without a lot of information on your credit report, you might have trouble finding a good credit card that you qualify for. Enter student credit cards. With these cards designed specifically for young consumers, a lack of credit history is not an obstacle. Plus, they often come with perks and rewards tailored to newcomers.

Here are some of our favorite student credit cards.

Capital One Quicksilver Student Cash Rewards Credit Card

  • Earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase
  • No annual fees, foreign transaction fees or hidden fees
  • Automatic consideration for a higher line of credit in as little as six months
  • Variable APR of 26.99%

Why it’s an easy card to get

the Capital One Quicksilver Student Cash Rewards Credit Card is available to people with fair credit, which is often the starting point for newcomers to credit. Usually, scores in the “bad” range are reserved for people with negative items on their credit report (think missed payments or bankruptcy).

You will earn rewards on all your spending, no need to follow bonus categories. With no annual fees, foreign transaction fees, or hidden fees, this card can help improve your credit score, potentially at no cost. The Quicksilver for students is simple and beneficial, a good combination for someone looking for a beginner’s credit card.

Discover it® Chrome Student

  • Earn 2% cash back on gas stations and restaurants up to $1,000 in combined spend per quarter (then 1% back); 1% cashback on all other purchases
  • Discover will match any rewards you earn after your first year
  • No annual fee
  • 0% introductory APR for six months on purchases, then 12.99% to 21.99% variable APR
  • Initial APR of 10.99% for six months from the date of the first balance transfer, then variable APR of 12.99% to 21.99%

Why it’s an easy card to get

the Check it out Chrome Student is marketed to students, so you may qualify if you have a limited credit history or low score. You’ll earn rewards on your spend, and Discover will match any rewards you earn after the first year.

You’ll also qualify for a low introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for a period of time, which can help you save on interest. Since there is no annual fee, this card can help you build credit and save money at the same time.

Store credit cards

If you’re a loyal customer of a particular brand, check to see if they offer their own credit card. For example, if you like Athletica, Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, the Banana Republic Visa® card could be very rewarding. A big advantage of retail credit cards is that their credit requirements are often low, making it easier to qualify. Some retail cards can only be used at a specific retailer, and others can be used anywhere.

If you decide to go this route, make sure you don’t feel pressured into spending too much on things you don’t need. Also beware of high interest rates. There are hundreds of store credit cards. Here are some popular cards covering different categories:

  • Lowe’s Advantage Card
  • TJX® Rewards Platinum Mastercard
  • Macy’s credit card
  • Ann Taylor’s ALL Rewards Credit Card
  • Wayfair
  • best buy

The bottom line

If you want create credit but can’t seem to get approved for the credit card you really want, try one of the cards mentioned above. From there, you can boost your credit by paying your credit card bill on time and keeping your card balance low. Eventually, you may be able to upgrade or switch to a card that offers more benefits than you want.

The best way to know when you’re ready to upgrade is to keep an eye on your credit score. Once your FICO score reaches 670, you will officially have “good credit” and can start applying for more competitive credit cards. You can also wait until your FICO score is “very good” or any score above 740. At this point, you will have a better chance of being approved for the best cash back credit cards and rewards credit cards on the market today.

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