Earn less than $3,000 per month? Here are 8 countries you can live in | 2022

There are digital nomad visas popping up here, there and everywhere right now. They all have different restrictions and requirements, which means that not all of them are suitable for every person. If your funds are limited, you may think that living in another country is not accessible to you, but it is not.

There are a number of countries you can live in for a season, a year, or maybe even forever as a remote worker if you earn less than $3,000 a month.


You can stay in Georgia for up to a year without a visa, provided you prove you earn at least $2,000 a month or have $24,000 in the bank. There is no upfront cost for this program and it can lead to permanent residency if you register a business.


Croatia’s digital nomad visa allows you to stay in the country for one year, as long as you earn more than €2,232 ($2,150) per month or €26,790 ($25,840) for the full 12 months. This visa can be renewed after six months in Croatia and you can bring dependents with you.

To do this, the income conditions are an additional 10% per person.


If you want to live on an idyllic island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, head to Saint Lucia. Unlike many other Caribbean destinations, there is no minimum income requirement and the visa costs less than $100 to apply. You can stay on the island for a year, going out and back as many times as you want.


Another great option for those earning around $3,000 a month is Panama. The Latin American country has introduced a short-stay visa for remote workers, which allows digital nomads to stay in the country for nine months. You can then extend it for another nine months, for a total of 18 months. You will need to prove that you earn $36,000 and the visa costs $300.


Further south, you can also live in Brazil for up to two years, provided you earn at least $1,500 a month. The visa is valid for 12 months and can be extended for another 12 months.


Colombia is one of the latest countries to launch a digital nomad visa on October 22. To qualify, you need to earn 3 million COP ($670) per month. In addition, you must take out health insurance. You can stay in the country for up to two years, and the low-income threshold makes it one of the best options for digital nomads earning less than $3,000 a month.

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If you only want to settle for a few months, consider Cape Verde. You can stay on the island for 12 months, extending your visa, and to do so you need to have earned around €1,500 (US$1,450) per month in the last six months.


Spain is the latest country to announce its intention to obtain a digital nomad visa. Although all the details have yet to be worked out, it is believed that the minimum monthly income threshold is set at around €2,000 ($1,930). As long as you live outside the European Union and earn your income from a destination outside of Spain. , you will be able to apply for the visa and live in the country for up to five years, with several visa extensions.

Other countries with income requirements below $3,000 per month include Hungary, the Netherlands, Malta, and Latvia.

Many countries are still rolling out visas, including Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

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