Draft law amending the law on foreigners – setting the legal framework for the issuance of visas and residence permits to digital nomads

On May 18, 2022, a bill amending the law on foreigners (hereinafter: “Bill”), was tabled in Parliament, introducing legislative solutions for obtaining visas and residence permits for digital nomads.

JPM partner in Montenegro provides a detailed update. The bill introduces a definition of digital nomads as foreigners employed or performing tasks electronically for foreign companies not registered in Montenegro or an entrepreneur who does not perform tasks or provide services to employers or companies registered in Montenegro. Digital nomads will be eligible for obtaining a long-term visa (Visa D-up to 180 days) and for obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro valid for two years, with the possibility of a two-year extension at expiration.

After the license extension for two more years (2+2), there should be a six-month break before applying for a new digital nomad license.

As proof of the justification of the application, an employment contract must be used, or other proof that the tasks are carried out electronically for a foreign company or that it is an entrepreneur registered elsewhere than in Montenegro .

Furthermore, a future digital nomad in Montenegro, wishing to apply for the residence permit, must fulfill all other conditions established by the current Aliens Law, which, among others, include 1) proof of sufficient funds; 2) secure hosting; 3) proof that he has not been sentenced to more than six months’ imprisonment in the country of origin.

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