Dominica launches digital nomadic visa “ Work in Nature ”

Dominica is the latest island country to launch an extended stay visa program in hopes of luring digital nomads to paradise. Olivia Palamountain reports

Dominica has joined with many of its other Caribbean island countries in launching a long-stay visa for digital nomads, academics, families and those on sabbaticals seeking a work-life balance private healthier in an exotic location.

Dubbed “Work in Nature” (WIN), the program offers the ability to work remotely for up to 18 months on the island, with a host of additional incentives, such as duty-free products and discounts from various vendors. services.

Applications cost $ 100 and can be submitted online here. Responses will be provided within seven days and confirmed applicants will have a three month grace period to move to Dominica. Visa fees are $ 800 for individuals and $ 1,200 for families.As the program grows in popularity, the island envisions a WIN Village – a community of remote workers with various types of accommodation from basic to luxury, a range of support services, entertainment and entertainment venues. shared and coworking spaces.

According to research from the international money transfer service PagoFX and YouGov of Santander, the British are ready to embrace “digital nomadism”.

In a survey of more than 1,200 employed UK adults, conducted between September 30 and October 1, 2020, 45% said they could do their jobs from abroad as well. (19% said they could do it if they stayed in the same time zone.)

So, with so many extended stay visas now in place in the Caribbean – think Barbados, Antigua, and Anguilla to name a few – is Dominica the right choice for you?

The island offers high-speed internet and technology services, modern healthcare facilities, educational options for families, and opportunities for impact volunteer programs with NGOs and private sector entities.

In addition, the island – nicknamed “the nature island of the Caribbean” – is, as the name suggests, rich in natural beauty. Full of lush and varied flora and fauna (protected by a vast network of natural parks), it is full of waterfalls, hot springs, hiking trails and excellent diving opportunities.DominicaDominica’s Covid-19 protocols have kept infection rates very low, and the island has received a “Safe Travels Stamp” by the World Travel and Tourism Council, which means that the health and safety protocols of the destination meet globally accepted standards.

Denise Charles, Minister of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, declares: “This is one of the initiatives that will help stimulate our tourism industry in our approach to relaunching tourism in stages, while providing a safe environment. for people to work remotely in a tropical environment.

“Stakeholders and island partners have all collaborated to deliver an attractive agenda that will contribute to economic recovery.”

What will follow? Trend reports available for download HERE

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