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Drummond-Bey is not only a global figure on how education and travel can merge, she is also an advocate for technology to be a more important part of global education. Tech literacy is part of Kid Youniversity’s digital learning program.

The Kid Youniversity platform even helps educators and teachers navigate digital education. Drummond-Bey hopes that as she continues her journey as an educator and digital nomad, schools will evolve and train their teachers to be digital educators as well, even when they are not in the middle of it. a pandemic.

“What I was hoping would happen (during the pandemic) was that schools would see how technology is an asset to their program and keep it. Unfortunately, what I have seen is that things seem to be going backwards. I don’t see people trying to add more tech and develop more tech skills.

The decline in technology appears to be the result of a lack of digital curriculum, says Drummond-Bey. But free online resources like Verizon HQ can help educators develop in a variety of ways by offering micro-accreditations to develop new tools for distance learning, leadership, and understanding the different ways children learn.

And after?

Drummond-Bey will continue his Real-Life Black History series in the United States until November; you can now see some of her dark history and social justice content on her social media and on the Kid Youniversity site. After that, she will return abroad to continue teaching her Global Digital Learning Program. It also organizes a writers’ retreat for aspiring authors.

As much as her goals are to empower others and help them achieve their goals, she has big dreams for herself.

“I’m going to win the MacArthur Genius Award someday,” she recently posted on Facebook. “I’m going to win an Emmy. I will improve education !!

Probably with a laptop, ring light, checked baggage, carry-on baggage, Wi-Fi, and back-up Wi-Fi nearby.

Upgrade your equipment and back up Wi-Fi with the Ultimate guide for digital nomads.

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