Digital nomads look away: Copenhagen is not the city of your dreams, study confirms

Copenhagen is poorly ranked in The Cities Best Facilitating Remote Work: A Global Index, a new study compiled by WorkMotion, the global HR platform, which assesses the suitability of 80 global cities for remote workers.

The study ranked 80 cities around the world based on their accessibility and attractiveness to digital nomads based on various factors, with a focus on global employment compliance.

Melbourne, recently reopened, tops the rankings (if anywhere wants to know the rankings from a distance!) Ahead of Montreal, Sydney, Wellington, Prague, Toronto, Tallinn, Zagreb, Singapore and Dublin.

Top for happiness despite high prices and taxes
Although Copenhagen was only ranked 43rd, it was number one for happiness and third for ease of compliance.

The Danish capital was disappointed with its high taxes and affordability, ranking 77th in both categories.

It ranked ninth for LGBT + equality and 13th for gender equality, but was in the middle of the table for cultural attractions (40) and access to healthcare (34).

Accelerated by the pandemic
The 80 cities were selected by WorkMotion to be the best in which they have dealt.

“Although we have long anticipated the switch to remote work, the pandemic has accelerated the trend much faster than we could have imagined,” commented WorkMotion co-founder and CEO Carsten Lebtig.

“Remote work technology was well established and used before the pandemic; what has changed in the meantime is the corporate mindset towards remote working. “

Slowdown in the adoption of the digital nomad visa
Lebtig would like more cities to offer a digital nomadic visa, which allows remote workers to continue their employment in the country of their relocation.

However, only 11 of the 80 cities in the study currently do so.

Although Copenhagen does not offer one, six of the top ten do.

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