Digital nomads head to Bangkok

BANGKOK, June 21, 2022: Bangkok has taken second place in a new study that identifies the best places in the world to succeed as a digital nomad.

The Instant Offices study ranked nearly 80 locations based on affordability, weather, broadband speed and more to reveal the best places to be a digital nomad in 2022.

Bangkok came close to top of the standings but was narrowly beaten by Lisbon in Portugal. The Thai capital scored high in the food and drink category and for 15,000 high-speed Wi-Fi points and the cheapest accommodation in the world (average of UKP 27 per night).

Main findings

Bangkok has been ranked as the second best city in the world to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. There are 35 million digital nomads worldwide, according to Instant Offices research released last week.

80% of digital nomads prefer to stay in one place for three to nine months.

If you didn’t already know, the lines that separate work and travel for the digital nomad simply don’t exist. They do both on the spin, visiting places around the world where they can work from beaches, cafes and coworking spaces.

Some digital nomads travel for a few months, while others travel for years. Research suggests that 80% of digital nomads prefer to stay in one place for three to nine months.

Advances in technology, remote working and workplace culture mean that by 2035, one billion people could live and work as digital nomads. This global nomadic workforce, able to connect anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection, is forecast to account for 1 in 3 employees.

There are already 35 million digital nomads worldwide, with the trend being driven by technology, growing demand for flexible workspaces and growing adoption of hybrid working.

Spotlight on Asia

Unsurprisingly, more than half of the cities analyzed in the top 60 digital nomadic destinations are in Asia. Cities like Singapore and Hong Kong top the list and the demand for flexible office space is high. Connectivity is also crucial, with Singapore boasting the fastest average broadband speed in the ranking at 256 Mbps, while Jakarta has more than 97,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the city.

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The Instant Group

Instant Offices is part of the Instant Group founded in 1999 as a workspace innovation company that redesigns the workspace on behalf of its customers by injecting flexibility, reducing costs and boosting business performance. Instant places more than 11,000 businesses a year in flexible workspaces such as serviced, managed or coworking offices.

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