Digital nomads begin to enter Greece, nearly 3,000 applications submitted

According to data obtained by Business Daily from the Department of Immigration and Asylum, so far 2,918 visa applications have been submitted by digital nomads. Of these, 1,693 have already been approved, while 1,225 remain pending.

The government’s efforts have started to bear fruit in attracting digital nomads, which could significantly boost economic growth in a priority issue for the government, which changed the tax regime earlier this year and introduced a separate visa for workers to high income. in September.

Based on data obtained by Daily business of Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, so far, 2,918 visa applications have been submitted by digital nomads. Of these, 1,693 have already been approved, while 1,225 remain pending. These figures do not justify the enthusiasm, but show that mobility has started to develop, creating expectations for the future.

As the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece, Theodoros Pelagidis, underlined a few days ago, Greece is currently being offered a great opportunity to attract digital nomads. “Around 80% of Europeans want to live somewhere different from where they work, while around 1/3 of German and French workers will work remotely in 2022 and this is an opportunity for Greece in terms of attracting them. “ noted Pelagidis.

Digital nomads are high-income workers, with one in six reportedly earning more than $ 75,000 one year. Nearly 4 million people around the world are estimated to be living as digital nomads, a number expected to skyrocket to 1 billion by now 2035. According to a MIT investigation, if Greece manages to attract 100,000 digital nomadss who will stay in the country for at least six months, the economy could be strengthened by 1.6 billion eurosone year.

The government has introduced rules for digital nomads, which will ensure that they offer their services as workers abroad, so as not to compete with Greek workers for jobs in our country. “Those applying for the digital nomad visa will have to prove that they have at least a monthly income of 3,500 euros, and the corresponding work guarantees, to ensure that they actually come to Greece to offer services to an employer at the foreigner “, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis said previously Daily business in an interview.

Under the Digital Nomadic Visa framework, it will be granted for a period of 12 months, and it is necessary for applicants to work remotely with employers or clients outside of Greece. In addition to other supporting documents, the applicant must provide proof that he has sufficient resources, at a stable income level, to cover his living expenses during his stay in the country, without burdening the national social protection system. . The amount of sufficient resources is set at three thousand five hundred (3,500) euros per month and must be justified.

The new legislation allows third-country nationals to be accompanied by members of their family, but as long as they live in Greece, they are not allowed to engage in any form of economic activity in the country. In this case, the “sufficient resources” required are increased by 20% for the spouse and 15% for each child. The Digital nomad visa is valid for up to 12 months, while, if the legal conditions are still valid, a two-year residence permit can be granted on request before the expiry of the national visa.


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