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While over the past decade work-from-home arrangements have slowly gained popularity around the world, for employees working in the tech industry or for large multinational corporations, COVID-19 has gone even further. Homeworking has been extended to all industries and business sizes, and forced experience has shown that working from home can in some cases be the rule rather than the exception.

After having been confined or at least severely restricted in their movements, entrepreneurs and employees are now putting themselves forward and trying to reconcile the work they do and the place where they want to live, at least for a while.

In this context, it is logical to note that since 2020, many countries have created a new type of visa often called “digital nomad visa” allowing these entrepreneurs and employees to work from a country other than their country of nationality and also other that this one. the country where their business or employer is based, as a way to support tourism and economic stimulation. Countries offering digital nomad visas are often attractive residency bases for a number of reasons such as low cost of living and hot climates.

“Digital nomad visas” go by many different names, for example “remote visas” or “freelancer visas”. This is a booming visa stream that combines the benefits of working remotely with the bonus of living abroad. A digital nomad visa gives the individual the legal right to work remotely in a country other than their country of nationality or the country where their business or employer is based. This type of remote work allows individuals to live in a country with a lower cost of living, thus saving more on their income. Some nomadic visas also allow foreigners to subsequently acquire temporary or even permanent residence in the country where they work.

Holders of digital nomad visas usually hold a position that gives them the freedom to work regardless of location. Although this job description has traditionally been understood as freelancers or contractors, a growing number of professions are now allowing remote work since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Typical or traditional “office positions” have now been adapted to more flexible remote working options, and employees and job seekers are also placing greater importance on workplace flexibility and a better balance. between professional and private life. So, it’s no surprise that the concept of digital nomad visas has seen renewed interest.

Current developments

Currently, there are around 28 places that offer some form of digital nomad visa.

Harvey Law Group has provided an easy reference table with hyperlinks to relevant official sources below:

Present and future impacts

Following this trend, other countries, from Central America to Europe, Africa and Asia, are also exploring or opening digital nomad visa streams shortly. Several countries with upcoming visa plans include Belize, Costa Rica, Greece, Indonesia, North Macedonia, Romania, Thailand, South Africa and Sri Lanka.


As the concept of “working from home” has become ubiquitous, the “digital nomad visa” has also grown in popularity. As such, Harvey Law Group foresees digital nomad visas as an alternative worth exploring for people looking to immigrate, travel or work abroad.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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