Dean Kuchel of Digital Nomad World arrives as Zagreb’s final ambassador

September 3, 2021 – The Croatian capital once again welcomes Dean Kuchel from Digital Nomad World as Zagreb’s third Digital Nomad Ambassador.

He decided to come spontaneously to Croatia in June when he was invited to speak at the inaugural Zagreb Digital Nomadic Week conference.

Israeli Dean Kuchel was without a doubt one of the stars of the week, and his very entertaining presentation on building a community was certainly one of the highlights. A serial traveler to over 100 countries in just 7 years (including limited travel in 2020), there are few better examples of someone embracing the freedom of the digital nomadic lifestyle.

One of his mantras is the simple maxim: I travel alone, but I never travel alone. A simple sentence that goes to the heart of the theme of building a community. If a destination has a vibrant digital nomadic community, then nomads will come. And Kuchel certainly knows a thing or two about building a community, as his own community now has some 24,000 nomadic fans online.

Of all the many stimulating people I met during Zagreb Digital Noamd Week, it was from him that I learned the most about this relatively new way of life and the opportunities it presents for Croatia. For such a restless mind, the idea of ​​a 12-month visa application wouldn’t appeal to him, but the buzz of Croatia as a vibrant destination for nomads certainly helped him get on the plane. His observations on Zagreb after the week were certainly encouraging, as you can see in the brief interview above. Zagreb ticks all the boxes, and the only thing digital nomads in the city are missing are more digital nomads. Build this community and they will come.

The second mantra is even shorter. Say yes! Embrace things and try them out.

“Would you say yes to the application to become one of our digital nomad ambassadors from Zagreb,” I asked.

“Ha, why not? It’s a big city and I love this project and this conference.”

And then, less than two weeks later, an application.

Dean arrived on Wednesday to settle in Doma Zagreb Aparthotel, the official accommodation partner of the Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador project. We had a drink last night and Dean is very keen to work on building a community to help take Zagreb (and Croatia) to the next level. It promises to be an exciting month.

You can follow Dean Kuchel’s escapades on his Where’s Dean? Instagram.

For more information on the Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador project, see Saltwater Nomads.

For the latest news and features on digital nomads in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN section.

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