Danish couple quit their jobs and now live as digital nomads in Thailand

Danes Sophie Schou Jensen and Mathias Lemvig Larsen had a great life in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, but always dreamed of a different working life and more freedom, so the couple recently quit their jobs and moved on. traveled to Thailand where they currently live as digital nomads.

Sophie Schou Jensen says to BT“During the pandemic, we started talking more and more about whether or not we should try to make our dream a reality rather than let it continue to be a dream.”

In January, they took the plunge and traveled to Thailand. After Thailand, Australia is the destination and who knows where they will end up next. They live as digital nomads, which means they work digitally on assignments from Denmark so they can work from anywhere in the world.

“We wanted to get off the hamster wheel – be our own boss in a way. We don’t mind working for someone, but everyday life has become more driven by desire. If we want to swim during our break, we do it,” says Sophie Schou Jensen.

Mathias Lemvig Larsen has an agreement to work 20 hours a week for the company where he is responsible for content. Sophie Schou delivers a few articles every month and otherwise, she is a freelance journalist.

For the moment, Sophie Schou Jensen and Mathias Lemvig Larsen have planned to be absent for a year.

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