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Cyprus: Visa program for digital nomads in Cyprus

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The Council of Ministers authorized the introduction of the Digital Nomad visa program in Cyprus on October 15, 2021, with a limit of 100 residence permits to be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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The “Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa” program allows non-EU and third-country citizens (non-EEA nationals) to work independently of location using telecommunications technology. It allows them to temporarily reside in Cyprus and work for an employer registered abroad or perform work for companies or clients located abroad using telecommunications technology.

The program aims to strengthen the positioning of Cyprus as a center of digital services which, combined with the other advantages offered by Cyprus, will contribute to the business development and economic growth of the country. The introduction of the “Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme” is part of the strategy to attract businesses for business or/and expansion of their business in Cyprus.


Non-EU citizens or nationals of non-EEA countries who:

  • Are able to work remotely through the use of information technology.

  • Are employed in a company registered abroad, for which they can work locally – independently, or are self-employed providing remote services for clients located abroad.

  • Can prove with proof that they have a fixed and adequate net income of a minimum of 3500? per month (after contributions and tax deductions)

Benefits of the plan

People who obtain the Digital Nomad Residence Permit will enjoy the following benefits:

  • They have the right to reside in Cyprus for one year, with the possibility of extending their stay for another two years.

  • The Digital Nomad’s family members have the right to reside in Cyprus for the same period as the Digital Nomad, however, without the right to employment and/or any other economic activity in Cyprus.

  • Provided they stay in Cyprus for one or more periods exceeding 183 days in the same fiscal year; in this case, the Digital Nomad is considered a tax resident of Cyprus, provided that he is not a tax resident of any other country.

Family members

  • Family members of Digital Nomads may reside in Cyprus for the same period as the Digital Nomad, without having any right of employment or economic activity in Cyprus.

  • Family members include the digital nomad’s spouse/partner and their children under the age of 18.

  • Family members must obtain a temporary residence permit by following the procedure below.


  • To obtain a temporary residence permit, the applicant must, within three (3) months from the first day of arrival in Cyprus, submit the required application together with the necessary documentation, as indicated in the relevant lists , at the offices of the Department of Immigration in Nicosia, after making an appointment through the online platform. All documents submitted with the application forms must be officially translated and duly certified.

  • In cases where the applicant resides in Cyprus under a different status, he has the right to apply to the Department of Civil Status and Migration of Nicosia for a temporary residence permit as a digital nomad.

  • Applicants may submit their application either personally or through an authorized representative.

  • Applications that are not accompanied by all the required documents will not be accepted for consideration.

  • In the event of any change in the candidate’s data during the application evaluation process, this must be reported directly to the Department.

  • The amount of the applicable fees must be paid as indicated below for the submission of the application.

  • The collection of biometric data (photo and fingerprints) and the signature of the third-country national are necessary for the issuance of the temporary residence permit, which is done on presentation of a valid travel document and the deposit receipt. demand. Biometric data may be collected from the offices of the Immigration Service in Nicosia or from the district unit of the Aliens and Immigration Service of the Police in the district of residence of the third-country national at the time or after the filing of the application. Only a photo is required for those under the age of six when submitting the application. This requirement applies when renewing the temporary residence permit.

  • Applications for renewal should be submitted to the Department of Civil Status and Migration in Nicosia, together with all required supporting documents, at least one month before the expiry date of the temporary residence permit. The application filing fee must be paid as indicated in the fees paragraph.

  • If the application is approved, a letter will be received by the applicant informing him how to obtain the temporary residence permit.

  • If the application is rejected, the applicant will receive a letter indicating the reasons for the rejection.


  • For the issue or renewal of the temporary residence permit, 70?

  • For registration in the register of foreigners (case of first registration only), 70 ?

Exam session

The application evaluation period is between 5 and 7 weeks.

Duration of the temporary residence permit

  • The validity of the first temporary residence permit is one year.

  • The renewal of the temporary residence permit is valid for a maximum of two years.

Application form and accompanying documents

Download the application form (MVIS4) and the lists of documents accompanying the applications of digital nomads and their family members.

Cyprus Digital Nomad Application Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Accompanying Documents Family Members – Application for Dependent Children

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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