Curacao Introduces New Digital Nomad Visa

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We can all agree that the workforce of this generation has seen a massive shift towards remote working practices as many of us have turned our homes into hybrid workstations. While adjusting to a home office can be a challenge for some, the beach and ocean views undoubtedly make the transition more appealing. Fortunately, many islands are taking this opportunity to entice remote workers to trade their basic Zoom backgrounds for an idyllic Caribbean backdrop.

More recently, Curaçao launched its @HOME in Curaçao program, which allows professionals to work and live on the paradise island for six months, with the possibility of renewal.


The Dutch Caribbean island is famous for its beaches nestled under coves, vast coral reefs and diverse aquatic ecosystems. The island also has a growing remote working community, in part thanks to amenities like collaborative workspaces, robust internet accessibility, and equipped data centers.

The island also has a secure banking and legal system, considerable accommodation costs, an excellent health system, fiscal leniency for remote workers.

Curacao, Willemstad

Curacao opened its borders to visitors from all countries earlier this year as the island constantly maintained minimal presence of COVID-19. Since the reopening, the number of cases in Curacao has remained relatively low.

The @HOME in Curaçao requires a simple online application for a total amount of $ 294 and international insurance covering COVID-19, if applicable; Local insurance is another option.

digital nomad in Curaçao

To learn more about this new program, Kashlee, TOP Travel Editor, interviewed Sam Kruiner of the Curacao Investment and Export Promotion Agency (CINEX) and the @Home In Curaçao program. Here are the results.


Q- In your opinion, what are the main advantages / advantages of digital nomads who decide to live and work in Curaçao?

Multicultural / linguistic work environmentt
English, Spanish and Dutch are spoken here

Great weather all year round and Curacao is outside the hurricane belt

Reliable internet service providers and the only Tier 4 (BlueNap Americas) data center in the Caribbean
Several high-end coworking spaces (for example the Triangle Curacao)
International airport with several direct flights to Europe / the Netherlands and the United States as well as the region (Dominican Republic, Sint Maarten, Colombia, Canada, etc.).

Beach goers at Grote Knip Beach in Curacao

Q- Compared to the programs of other Caribbean islands, what makes the Curacao program different or unique?

A –

  • The atHomeinCuracao program facilitates the entry of 3 target groups: remote workers / digital nomads, hybernators and investors (residence by investment). Other programs focus only on remote workers / digital Nomads (DN).
  • More people have the option of moving temporarily or permanently. We believe that given the pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, people should be given the opportunity to choose the most suitable environment in which to live, work and / or invest.
  • The DN visa offers a maximum stay of 6 months with the possibility of extension (6 additional months). The processing fee is 535 Netherlands Antillean guilders (approx. USD 300), which is significantly lower than for other programs.
  • NDs also have the opportunity to get involved in activities such as beach clean-ups and other green or environmental programs.
  • The program pays special attention to artists who wish to choose Curaçao as their next temporary residence.
digital nomadic work laptop

Q- What would digital nomads be surprised to learn about Curaçao?

A- DNs will be surprised to discover the large number of leisure activities that you can find on the island. Quiet and secluded as well as public beaches and excellent diving spots. Multi culture with a different culinary environment. Curacao has its own pace and work-life balance, its own unique pace. It is a feeling that is recognized by the many visitors who have visited Curacao and who have returned to find out more. A feeling of being free and of belonging at the same time. It is a feeling of being at home.

Q- Are there any other direct flights planned for Curaçao in the near future?

A- International flights to the United States and Europe (Netherlands) are still available as well as flights to the region (Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Aruba, Colombia, Dominican Republic). The airport is not closed and the number of daily flights is expected to continue to increase.

Curacao, Willemstad - St Anna's Bay

Q- What does the digital nomad community in Curaçao look like?

A- The DN community in Curaçao is growing because Curaçao has been effective in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of COVID-19 infections in Curacao has remained relatively small. The DN in Curacao has the advantage of a warmer climate. Most NDs come from Europe, although there is growing interest from Brazil, USA, Colombia, Canada, UK and Germany. There is however a wide choice of coworking spaces, other work facilities and tourist facilities (beach, diving, windsurfing, etc.) which are still available.

In the effort to “ let you know, before you go ”, the latest updates, travel guidelines and government preventive measures for the island can be found in the link here.

Curacao allowing tourists from all three states to visit

Q- Digital nomad visas / programs are quite new, why did the government of Curaçao decide that it was important to have its own program?

A- This program is aligned with the objectives of economic diversification and sustainable development of the country while meeting the current demand for a product that meets the challenges posed by the pandemic. DNs contribute much more than typical “visitor spending”. They bring in investment, knowledge, experience and skills, which creates a much greater ripple effect. To counter the effects of the pandemic on Curacao, including rising unemployment, attracting NDs could see the arrival of new start-ups and the creation of new jobs for the local population. It will also nurture the local entrepreneurial scene, as incoming innovators meet and interact with local entrepreneurs… what is known as the spin-off effect.

Curacao sunset

For more information on @HOME in Curaçao, please visit their website.

To view Curaçao’s entry requirements, please click here.

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