Considerations for Professionals Planning to Move Abroad

According to Internations’ Future of Working Abroad report, three in four Americans who have moved to a new country are satisfied with their jobs.

The study of 8,313 active expats living in 175 destinations showed that 36% of respondents in the United States moved abroad for an employment-related reason. Of these workers, 14% looked for a new job on their own, 11% were sent by an employer, 9% were recruited internationally and 2% moved to start a business.

Many respondents also cited better work-life balance, greater job security and greater flexibility in their new country compared to their home country.

Malte Zeeck, CEO of Internations, says the popularity of remote working has led more and more professionals to re-evaluate where they want to live and work. But how can someone make such an intimidating gesture?

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Finding the right position is a good place to start. Although there is a small portion of international entrepreneurs, being self-employed could make for a smooth transition.

Another consideration should be where the professionals would like to work. While some countries are not as welcome to digital nomads, others like Bermuda, Croatia and Estonia actively offer digital nomad visas.

Although they mentioned better job satisfaction, respondents also felt that improved work-life balance led them to forgo career advancement opportunities. When moving abroad, professionals may face language barriers, a limited job market, and educational qualifications that may not translate well in a new country.

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