Colombia’s digital nomad visa could soon become a reality

Like many countries in Latin America continue to work to become destinations for remote workers, local governments are implementing digital nomad visas in their countries. Their strategy is to attract these workers by offering them benefits and, at the same time, benefit from their contributions to their local economies.

Now Colombia’s digital nomad visa project is underway. As Bogotá Post recently reported, the South American country is in the process of approving its digital nomad visa.

Colombia has become one of Latin America’s top destinations for international tourists over the past 10 years. With beautiful landscapes, Caribbean vibes, a vibrant multicultural culture, efficient tourism infrastructure and a sense of security at its main tourist sites, the country has seen an almost 200% increase in international visitors between 2010 and 2019. , the previous year. the pandemic, according to official data. Many of these visitors, who can work remotely, are expressing a desire to stay longer in Colombia.

Luis Robayo

The first step was taken in 2020 when the Colombian government issued a right which ordered the Foreign Office to create work permits for “digital nomads,” including those dedicated to remote, freelance or telecommuting. However, the country’s legal system requires its Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a resolution containing the details of any future visas. In 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a draft “Visa Resolution Project”, which includes a visa for digital nomads.

But, the resolution was “suspended” due to the election year, the Bogota Post said. “Foreign policy is set by the president and it doesn’t make sense to introduce a major change in visa regulations just months before the election of a new president,” said lawyer Mónica María Robledo Cadavid in the newspaper.

Currently, a digital nomad with a tourist visa can only stay in Colombia for 180 days a year. It is possible to extend it for another 90 days. However, the visitor can only extend a tourist permit once; it cannot be extended a second time.

When the nomadic visa comes into effect, here are some of the requirements, according to the resolution for the proposed visa:

  • The candidate must work for a foreign company.
  • Bank statements proving a monthly income of at least three legal minimum monthly salaries (i.e. three million pesos.)
  • A letter in Spanish or English, issued by one or more foreign companies for which the foreigner provides services.
  • Health insurance with coverage in Colombia, including accident, illness, maternity, disability, hospitalization, death or repatriation for the planned stay of the foreigner in the country.

The visa can be approved for a maximum of two years. Travel Noire will keep you posted on the progress of Colombia’s digital nomad visa as soon as the project is finally approved.

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