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The Algarve region has been rated by Post Office UK as the most affordable destination for British tourists for this summer’s Eurozone holiday.

La Poste looked at a total of 36 destinations worldwide and the Algarve came in third place.

The Algarve region was considered the cheapest holiday destination for this summer of 2022, according to Post Office UK’s “Holiday Money Report 2022” analysis, which analyzed 36 destinations around the world, comparing meal prices , drinks and other necessities that British tourists are likely to buy abroad.

25% cheaper than in Spain

The analysis carried out reveals that prices in the Algarve are 25% lower than those on the Costa del Sol, in Spain.

The overall ranking is led by Marmaris, a Mediterranean resort located along the Turkish Riviera (also known as the Turquoise Coast), ranking it as the most affordable holiday destination for 2022, with a total of 31.45 € for a basket of eight products considered representative. that tourists can buy during their summer stays.

According to the UK Post Office, these products include the price of a three-course dinner for two with wine, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, a can of Coke, a large bottle of water, coffee, sunscreen and insects. repellent, all of which tourists can buy for €31.45 in Turkey, followed by Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, where the same products can be bought for €31.52.

In the Algarve (ranked 3rd), the study reveals, these same eight products have a total price of €53.49.

Funchal in Madeira appears ranked in 8th place, behind Cape Town (South Africa, in 4th place), Paphos (Cyprus, in 5th), Costa del Sol (Spain, in 6th) and Mombassa (Kenya, in 7th), with a total cost of €77.18 for the same eight products.

At the bottom of this ranking is Reykjavik, Iceland, with a total price of €190.4.

Also in terms of price, the largest price declines – between 2022 and 2020 – were seen in Tamarindo, Costa Rica (down 50.3%), followed by Marmaris, Turkey (down 45.2%). %) and Phuket, Thailand (down 29.3%).

The Algarve region appears with a price drop of 20%.

Nick Boden, head of Post Office Travel Money, concludes that “there are benefits to doing your homework when it comes to your holiday destination, as many people have not traveled in the past couple of years. Consumers should be aware that prices have risen sharply in some destinations and fallen significantly in others.

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