Digital Nomads Thailand

New ways of working anywhere in the world

Matt Haynes anticipated a great route around the world when he decided to become a digital nomad in January 2020. The 32-year-old marketing consultant from York, England is said to be working remotely, spending a few weeks each in Bali, Thailand, a few cities in Eastern Europe and beyond. Instead, …

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Grapevine: Strangers Last – July 2, 2021

Sandbox FuturesThe real point about Thai sandboxes (no quarantine for fully vaccinated foreigners visiting certain resorts here) is not whether Thailand is open and ready to receive them. The question is whether foreign tourists will actually want to come here given that several governments (UK and US to begin with) …

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How to travel abroad by telecommuting

New travel agencies make it easier for remote workers to live and work abroad without long-term commitments. “Jobs” are on the rise, with 74% of Americans who work from home saying they would consider taking one, according to a report published in March by the Harris poll. But rather than …

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