Digital Nomads Thailand

PBS ‘Future Of Work’ series features the new ‘Precariat’ – people moving from gig to gig – digital nomads and other rapidly growing professional trends

The digital nomad is working on a beautiful beach on a bright sunny day getty A new PBS series, the The future of work, starting in September, highlights rapidly changing trends in the way Americans will practice their trade. The six episode docuseries delve deeply into the “accelerating pace of …

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Tips for getting started as a digital nomad

It’s easier than you think. Share this article For remote workers seeking inspiration in new spaces, jumping from country to country with nothing but a laptop bag and suitcase is the ultimate lifestyle hack. Known as ‘digital nomads’, these errant workers often travel full time while earning money part time. …

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SL offers $ 600 for a digital nomad visa

Visa valid for one year: Ministry of TourismSeptember 7th campaign to promote digital tourism in the Middle East. BY Cassendra Doole The visa fee for the recently approved Digital Nomad Visa will be $ 600, according to Tourism Department sources. Ministry sources, addressing Morning business said the government has made …

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